Time to Reflect on the Role of Women in Ghana’s Independence Struggle – Kate Gyamfua

Kate Gyamfua, a former Deputy National Women’s Organiser of the ruling New Patriotic Party has start another debate on the Ghana’s history surrounding our independence.
Ghana’s history surrounding our independence has been a football game especially between the two main political parties in the country, the ruling New Patriotic Party – NPP  and the opposition National Democratic Congress – NDC who are sometimes supported by some smaller political parties such as the Convention People’s Party – CPP.
The Debate on as to whether Ghana has a founder or founders is also ongoing with none of the side of the debaters ready to make compromise on their stands.
However, the part of the debate that has been missing for long in the discussion is the role women played in the struggle. Ghanaians hardly speak about any Ghanaian woman taking part in the struggle at all.
But in her Independence Day message, the National Women’s Organiser Hopeful of the NPP stated that “whiles acknowledging the good works our forefathers including the ever vibrant Kwame Nkrumah did to give us independence, I think it is about time Ghana turn to recognize the hard work our women did towards achieving this feat.”
“It is disheartening that 61years down the line, we still talk less of the enormous contributions of our women during the struggle.” She lamented adding that “the ever mobilizing skills of Convention Hannah (HANNAH CUDJOE) who took charge of our struggle any time our men were down during the struggle. Her role in mobilizing a mammoth gathering of Ghanaians from all works of life to petition the colonial powers during the arrest of the big six following the 1948 riot can never be put under the shelve.
The first female legislator and avid writer MABEL DOVE DANQUAH’s contribution and the role of SOPHIA OBOSHIE DOKU among several other women who contributed through diverse means for our independence cannot be under estimated”
Kate Gyamfua is therefore calling on Ghanaians to begin to speak on the role women played towards achieving Ghana’s independence and not to shield the role under the carpet.

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