‘Sakawa man’ confesses how he got 500 SHS girls into prostitution

A ‘born again’ money ritualist otherwise known as a ‘Sakawa man’ in his late 20s has shared his 15 years of tormenting experience full of lessons and advise to those in the practice revealing how it ruined his life.

On Angel FM in Kumasi on the station’s Drive Time show hosted by Fancy Dimaria last Friday, he advised everybody never to be envious of wealthy people they do not know their source of riches, simply because they see them as to being better-off than them.

“Ladies must be wary of artificial hair or weave on, avoid accepting lifts from people they do not know among many others,” he warned

According to the convert known as Fresh Boy, he is now a saved and born again Christian, who is willing to serve the Lord and never turn back to his old ways of performing rituals for the sake of money and power.

He confirmed he was redeemed with the help of a powerful man of God, Rev. Osei Bismarck leader of Word Fire International Ministry at Atonso Dompoase a suburb of Kumasi.
His first advice in his interview on the Angel Drive was that people like his kind have powers and spirits which backs them in everything thing they do.

Speaking in detail, he recounted his encounter with a taxi driver who once challenged and did not regard him as anyone and how he thought him a lesson on his way home in Accra.

“I was once coming back from work with a confused mind because I forgot to perform something I was mandated to do I suddenly crossed the road with no care to extent that, a taxi driver nearly knocked me down. In fact I realized I was at fault so I initially apologized to the driver but this man wouldn’t listen to me. He wanted to beat me”.

He continued, “the scene attracted many people who came to beg this taxi driver to let me go but he went ahead and gave me hefty slaps. Out of anger with just some recitation, I made his hand swell instantly and it took an elderly person who begged me before restoring his arm back to normal. In fact the driver cried mercilessly and uncontrollably on the street of Accra that fateful day. I really punished him

Ladies and children best commodity for rituals
Fresh Boy as known to be his name made it clear that, women and children between ages of 2 and 6 are best to use when it comes to things perfect for rituals purposes.

He revealed another strange way his group used to destroy ladies who love to put on artificial hair (weave on).

According to him, an occult group he belongs to are able to manufacture artificial hair put on sale in market with agents all over trying to promote it whiles some serve as hair dressers.

Fresh boy clearly stated that, anyone who uses such hair or is attended by their agents at any point become possessed by them and can easily be manipulated or remote controlled.

He further advised ladies to move away from the use of artificial hair or better pray to God in order to help them choose the right ones hinting that sometimes others do it in schools.
“There was this lady from our group who went to one of the Senior High Schools in the country and how she worked was that each time she passes by you, you are automatically possessed by her powers and you are indoctrinated into prostitution, thievery or any form of evil things. She was able to use her powers to lure more than 500 students into prostitution”, she revealed.

The snake and ladies always looking for lift in posh cars

He also cautioned ladies who are in the habit of asking for car lifts from unknown persons to be careful as this very dangerous considering the fact ritualists use that as a conduit to get ladies in their teen ages for rituals.

“We usually go out during times when the city is busy or when it’s raining, this is when every lady would like to be offered a lift”. He said

According to him, immediately you get onboard their car, that would be your end. “In the boot of our car where spare tyres are kept, there is this box with a snake inside. After driving for a while, we take the trapped lady to a bush where the snake is released to perform its duties inside her private part which takes about 15 to 20 minutes”.
When asked what happens next to these young women, Fresh Boy confirmed that, it takes a week or more for such a person to die and there is nothing anyone can do about it because the woman in question would have no idea of what really happened to her though she would be able to walk home afternoon.
Source: mynewsgh.com

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