New GES rules ban female teachers from wearing miniskirts, trousers

Female teachers cannot wear miniskirts and trousers to class anymore according to a new directive by the GES.

The new directive says male teachers should desist from jeans trousers and some type of t-shirts

The Ghana Education Service has released a stringent set of new rules for teachers.

The new rule made known in a directive by the education control body, sets a manner and mode of dressing for teachers in the country.

According to a report by MyNewsGH.com, a letter signed by the Hohoe Municipal Director of Education Wordui Joseph K, said teachers “must distinguish themselves from the manner in which they dress at home and for official duties”.

The letter continues to add that teachers who go against the directive would face very harsh sanctions. As per the new directive, female teachers have been banned from wearing skimpy dresses as well as trousers.This is not allowed as per new GES rules “No lady is allowed to put on a pair of trousers to work except during sporting activities.

They can however put on suit. Miniskirts and sleeveless dresses must be avoided”, the letter said. Even make-up and pedicure were not left out.

“Too much make-ups and multi coloured hairdos must also be avoided. Cosmetic treatment (Pedicure) etc. should be minimized”, the directive explained for their male counterparts the GES directed that they should avoiding putting on jeans trousers and round-neck T-shirts.

“The acceptable T-shirts is a Lacoste with breast pocket. Hanging of earphones on the ear as well as lose dressing (Oto Phister) during contact hours is unacceptable”, it stated.

The educations service has stated that it is committed to making sure the new directive is followed to the letter and will lay down sanctions on any teacher who flouts any of the rules.

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