Marry a woman who can cook – Majid advises John Dumelo

Award-winning actor, John Dumelo has been given a crucial advice by his close friend and colleague, Majid Michel.

The actor turned preacher who took to his Social media page to celebrate his friend who turned 33 on February 3, 2018, advised John Dumelo to who is still a bachelor to make it an important lookout point to marry a woman who can cook.

Majid, who may have waded in on the debate of whether a woman it is slavery or not for a woman to cook for her husband told Dumelo not to compromise on that.

Majid Michel has been married for over a decade now definitely is in the right position to advise a friend who is yet to marry.

“First advice Make sure you marry someone who can cook,” he told Dumelo.

Majid Michel wrote:

“First advice Make sure you marry someone who can cook. and i’ve always liked this 2,000-year-old advice by Rabbi Hillel. “if i am not for me, who will be? if i am only for me, what am i? if not now, when?” ……… i think it means, Sorts yourself out, protect yourself and ensure your own survival. if you don’t, you can achieve nothing. However, selfishness is empty, so ensure that you make a positive difference to others, and do it now. Always remember you’re not that important, it’s what you do that counts. i always tell the young ones like you not to be in so much of a hurry. Learn to wait and have patience. Life is not as short as they say it is. One’s only ambition in life should be to Love, to have joy and to have peace in the Holy Spirit. NOTHiNG ELSE MATTERS. God is God of all but not a Father to all. Seek HiM First.!! HAPPY BiRTHDAY and MAY GOD BLESS YOU. @johndumelo1 Matthew 6:33 #LEADERSHiP”

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