Man hangs himself on a tree in Lagos.

Man hangs himself on a tree in Lagos.

Man hangs himself on a tree in Lagos.


The corpse was said to have been brought down by traditionalists, who performed some rites before doing so.

Man hangs himself on a tree in Lagos
The corpse was found by one of the workers at a mechanic shop close to the scene of the incident when he resumed work.

According to one of the mechanics at the workshop, Olasumbo Adewale, the deceased, who was dressed in a black T-shirt and a white short knicker, committed the act with the use of a seat found around a vulcanizer in the area. He said, “When I resumed work that morning, I saw that people had gathered at a spot close to our workshop. Out of curiosity, I moved close to the place and I was shocked when I saw that a young man had been hanged on a tree close to a vulcaniser workshop.

“I quickly called the vulcaniser to inform him about the situation and he rushed down to the scene. It was when he arrived that he went to the Iba Police Station to report the case. What we also discovered was that the man might have used the seat under the tree to support himself when he committed the act because we found the seat below his feet.”

A resident, Jamiu Awosoji, said efforts to unravel the identity and family members of the deceased victim proved abortive.

“The place was crowded as people kept coming to look at the corpse. But despite the number of people who gathered to look at the corpse, no one could identify the victim. So, we felt he must have come from a far distance to commit suicide in this area. The police came around after the case was reported to them,” Awosoji added.

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Some traditionalists in the community were said to have performed traditional rites before bringing down the corpse from the tree.