Madhubala Episode 37 Update on Friday 19th January 2018

Part 1
Shammo fumes n says..its lies .. n asks Mukkus mom to explain to people!
Mukkus mom asks him to give her solution .. as even they are all messed up! Roma tries to calm her concerns!
Mukkus mom refers to filmy guys like Paddos family liking publicity thru these things! She tells that their world is full of lie n is fake..! Trish tries to interrupt but Paddo stops her!
She taunts Paddo about potraying a married woman in morning.. in afternoon a widow.. n at nite.. romancing someone! Madhu is shattered! She tries to explain but Mukkus mom taunts her calling Madhu – RK ki Bala… MadhuBala!
Mukkus mom tells that.. a girls respect is like mirror.. if its broken then it cant b refixed.. n if refixed there is a mark..! Mukkus mom taunts Paddo! She tells Mukku not to interrupt.. till he can shut the newspaper guys up!
Mukkus mom tells them to get the mess sorted if they want Madhu to be married to Mukku! Shammo – Paddo and all try to calm Madhu. .n says.. Mukku knows the truth!
Madhu asks what to do about all the dirt being splashed on her? All the loss! Shammo assures that all will be well! RK throws dart and says.. he has more desire to ruin Madhu!
Mukkus mom calls RK and says she did all he wanted to do…n made Madhu cry..! She complaints of her ridicule and RK says she has to bear the cost of Rs. 25 lacs n assures that all will be clear by evening!
Madhu tells Shammo to go to Doc as his BP is skyrocketing but Shammo asks her to get a pill! Shammo wonders who could have done this? They suspect that someone has done trick photography! Trish thinks someone is defaming RK .. but Roma says that if this continues.. Madhu-Mukku engagement will b off!
Paddo-Roma-Trish tell Madhu the ‘Hauslo .’. wala mantra! Roma tells Madhu that they can go to RK and ask him to give the statement that its all lie.. ! Shammo decides to go.. but Madhu offers to come along!
Part 2
Bittu praises RK for striking bullseye as their target has come to them on their own! Bittu asks what next. .n RK says.. Madhu will come to them n the phone rings n Bittu picks up n says.. Madhu has come!
They asks for appointment n are told he is in meeting..! Madhu is worried for Shammo n gets water for him!
Part 3
The guards there taunt Madhu .. n Madhu starts to fire them but Shammo asks her to stay quiet! Madhu gets water from outside! RK tells Bittu to set dinner n then it will be ACTION time!
Precap: Madhu reads out to RK ..the lines printed in the newspaper n RK fumes n says

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