LIFESTYLE: 7 ways to make yourself happy and live in good health in 2018

Fast forward and we are already into the New Year. And as expected, many people have begun plans on how best to enjoy 2018. 

However, as we think about how to make money, so should we also prioritise our health and happiness. 

Fortunately, one psychologist has taken it upon herself to help out with how best we can live a healthy and happy life this year. 

Florence Servan-Schreiber is a positive psychology specialist and in an interview with AFP Relax News, she made certain suggestions in this regard.

Here are seven ways, according to her, by which one can live a happy and healthy life this year. 

1. Make love more often

Sexually active individuals are generally more optimistic and positive for the simple reason that sex leads to the release of serotonin, a natural antidepressant. Give free rein to your emotions and let all that nervous tension ease away. 

2. Laugh more 

Laughter, like exercise, makes the body produce endorphins – the happiness hormones – and strengthens our immune system. 

3. Spend more time with friends 

Social interactions play an important role in improving quality of life, health and happiness levels. 

4. Show compassion 

Neuroscientists and psychologists have found that altruism lowers levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), reducing inflammation, slowing heart rate, reducing blood pressure and pain. 

5. Meditate 

Meditation focuses the mind and body on the present moment. This allows us to take control of the body’s autopilot and curb wandering thoughts. With regular practice (10 minutes per day at first), you can learn to appease mind and body, and bring about a state of calm. 

6. Take a nap 

Napping for 30 minutes per day has many health benefits, while also making us more efficient and creative. 

7. Chew gum 

In times of stress and overwork, chewing gum can help relieve pressure in the brain. In fact, chewing can boost blood flow to the brain by 25% to 40%, in turn increasing the amount of oxygen getting to the brain.

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