Kundali Bhagya Episode 49 Update on Thursday 1st February 2018

Sherlin smiles watching Preeta and Rishab carry a vase together. Rakhi comes to tease her for the smile and apologizes for making Preeta wear the ring. Sherlin offers her a bite of kheer and stuffs it into her mouth. She brings Mr. Luthra there and tells him to make her eat this kheer. Mr. Luthra says he likes it and insists on Rakhi to eat the kheer in spite of her consciousness about her weight. She then makes Rakhi give the kheer to Mr. Luthra. She thinks her plan would only be successful when the kheer would affect these husband and wife. Mr. Luthra goes aside to take a call. He and other guests felt dizzy. Rakhi also feels dizziness. Kareena comes there worried about the health of their guests. Sherlin cheers watching everyone feel nauseatic. She calls City Hospital.
At home, Preeta
keeps the vase at place. She thanks him for emotional blackmail and insisting on her to keep the money. Rishab says there is a egoistic self-respect and explains it’s when you don’t share your problems with friends. Preeta says it’s not good to worry your friend always. Rishab says one has to stay by your friend’s side. He takes her promise to always share her problems with him. Shrishti comes there and takes them outside, as everyone feels ill and blaming the food.
Kareena shouts at Sherlin how she could do this, her brother and sister in law is ill, even her mother. Sherlin tells her that she had to take revenge from Rakhi, and this would only bring everyone some pain, none would die. Kareena slaps Sherlin. Sherlin gives Kareena hope about Preeta’s insult, boys haven’t yet taken any food. And they can treat Mr. and Mrs Luthra. They hear ambulance. Sherlin tells Kareena not to go with ambulance, she must instead shout out so that Preeta and her family has to suffer.
There, everyone hurry outside towards the ambulance. Sherlin comes to Kareena and shows her how Rishab and Preeta are still together, now she got a chance to part them. Kareena comes to Rishab and questions Preeta why she arranged a false catering. Her family trusted her, they reached this hall to all the ill arrangements. Her family paid them heavily, and now they have fed everyone with poison. Preeta explains they were trying to do the best. Rishab tells Kareena its not time for such a talk. Kareena says when we invite guests, they are their duties. Shrishti thinks she feels so helpless for Preeta. Kareena questions why they revenged Luthra’s. Preeta was weepy, worried about what happened. Kareena says either Preeta didn’t take the responsibility well or she wanted to take some revenge. Sherlin thinks she must take Preeta’s side before Rishab falls for her again.

In the kitchen, Sarla questions Kappu and Mohan what was wrong with the food. She asks Mohan what was wrong with the food, if some spice was expired. She cries that their reputation would be ruined. Kappu goes out to handle everything. Preeta says her uncle did all the catering. Kareena says Preeta must have advised the chef to use some cheap spices. She tells Rakhi to witness the biggest happiness of her life. Preeta comes to explain to Rakhi but Kareena tells her to stop it. She says she must call someone now and reach the core of this problem. Shrishti and Preeta were ready for food testing. Kareena calls police station and complains against the owner and caterers of Kumkum Bhagya hall. Sanjana was worried if this was done by Sherlin while Sherlin smirks. Rishab argues why Kareena called the police. Kareena tells him to wait for some time. Sanjana comes to take Sherlin aside. Sarla comes outside and finds Preeta crying. Preeta says they called police. Sarla says its good, this will bring out the truth; everything would be clear.
In the room, Sanjana slaps Sherlin and tells her to lower her voice. She questions what did she do, she know well how much can she fall for her selfishness. She asks Sherlin how everyone can get food poisoning in the function. Sherlin swears she doesn’t know about it. Sanjana says Sherlin left the dance, she came to stop her from eating as she knew it contained poison. Sherlin agrees she did this all. Sanjana says she knew already that Sherlin would do such an act. She again brought her life at the verge of destruction. This family accepted her as a nice girl, what if they know about her past? Sherlin tells her to shut her mouth to let her live a smooth life. She tells Sanjana to come outside with her and witness the drama she created, about Preeta’s destruction. Sanjana gets it and asks if it’s for Preeta? Sherlin says it was because of Preeta that her life was being ruined, now she will turn the tables. Their family would scatter now, her mother sister and cousin would be ruined. Sanjana tries to convince her but Sherlin hears the police mobile siren and takes her outside.
The police arrives and asks about Sarla. Kareena points towards Sarla and tells them to arrest her. Sherlin enjoys her victory. Preeta tries to argue but the police wasn’t ready to investigate. Kareena says their guests went to jail in ambulances, would they now mock judiciary as well. The inspector says they will begin the proceedings when the case is filed. Preeta tries to convince but Sarla was already handcuffed. The girls try to stop them but the inspector rudely calls to let them go. Kareena asks who would go if not her. Preeta and Shrishti cry and insists on them to find out where the problem was.

PRECAP: The girls run behind the police van where Sarla was taken. Shrishti fell down.

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