Kundali Bhagya Episode 48 Update on Wednesday 31st January, 2018

Preeta understands Karan is hiding the ring and for right purpose. Sherlin asks what they are doing so close to each other. Karan says they just started dating, and was about to kiss her over her cheek. Sherlin curtly thinks she got the younger brother if she couldn’t get Rishab. Sherlin leaves. Preeta walks inside.
There, Pandit asks for engagement ring to begin the ceremony. Rakhi says its better they do the ceremony in time but she read somewhere they must give the couple sweets before the ceremony for successful wedding.
Preeta shouts at Karan for kissing her. Karan clarifies she was lost in his thoughts, else he only tried to kiss her. He tells Preeta he is aware there are girls in the party who would be happy if he kiss them, but she isn’t among them. Preeta still argues
what Sherlin would think about her, her reputation would be at stake with this impression. Karan says it’s his reputation that is at stake, his high class girlfriends… Preeta asks what class he is talking about. If Sofia? Or Malishka? Her standards are much higher. Karan pins her at the wall and shuts her mouth with his hand. They share an eye lock. Soon Preeta turns to leave.
At a corner, Mr. Luthra asks Rakhi what’s the truth. Rakhi tells him the ring is in Preeta’s finger. The family, including Sherlin heard this. Kareena was irked.

Rishab was happy that even fate desires the ring be in someone else’s finger. Sherlin asks if they have another option, she doesn’t want a delay in the engagement. Mr. Luthra says there is, he sends everyone to the stage. He then tells Rakhi they must arrange for the same ring in Preeta’s hands.
Sameer turns around watching Shrishti but she stops him. He clarifies he didn’t stalk her and didn’t even stare at her. She agrees, then after a little argument forgive her. Rakhi comes and send them to get Karan and Preeta.
Karan teases Preeta as she attempts to take the ring off her hand. Preeta tells him to help her, everyone is waiting for the ring outside. Karan finally comes to help her, they share an eyelock in the mirror. The ring doesn’t come out. Karan tells her to wash it and sit here. He rubs some shampoo and carefully pulls the ring. Preeta smiles watching his care. Karan finally cheers getting the ring, he was concerned about the scratch on her finger and puts a bandage over it.
Shrishti comes calling Preeta and Karan. They hurry outside. They all hurry towards the hall.
Sarla hurriedly instructs her brother to serve the food right after the ceremony. She was concerned about the food, then asks to taste the kheer and feels it tastes a little odd; but let it go as nothing can be changed now.
In the hall, Sherlin hears the gossips about the engagement getting late. Kareena tries to calm Sherlin down. Karan reaches with the ring. Mr. Luthra hurries them towards the ceremony. Preeta and Shrishti reach together. Kritika gives the ring to Rishab who was lost in thoughts of Preeta, he feels upset while looking towards Preeta. Preeta notices Sherlin had been staring at her curtly and thinks may be she is angry because of delay. Rishab tries to tell Rakhi that Preeta must wear this ring. Rakhi doesn’t understand. Kareena tells them to hurry, everyone claps. Rishab was helpless. Preeta also cheers Rishab who finally comes to Sherlin but again turns to look at Preeta for once. Rishab thinks may be he gets engaged to her in some other life.
Everyone hurries towards the food. Sherlin thinks now the game has started. She wish Preeta would get the tears now. Roo comes to ask Preeta and Shrishti for some fun like Kritika’s engagement. Rishab finally agrees but only if everyone else also dance with their partner. Karan says he has no partner, but Kritika takes Preeta towards him. Sameer pulls Shrishti as her partner. Sarla announces the food is ready. Sherlin was hopeful to get her plan successful. Shrishti comes to tell Sameer it’s a favor on him, he mustn’t forget.
The couples dance in the party. Karan and Preeta gives a separate performance after a song. Later, Shrishti and Sameer give a rash performance. Sanjana was happy that everything went really well. She sits to enjoy the kheer but Sherlin comes to take the bowl off her hand, then hurries to Kareena and tells her it contains rat poison. Kareena was shocked.

PRECAP: Shrishti comes home to Preeta and Rishab and says a lot of people fall ill in the hall and blames the food. Preeta was worried. There, Sherlin tells Kareena she did it as a revenge to Rakhi, it will bring a little pain but no one would die. Kareena slaps Sherlin.

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