Kundali Bhagya Episode 45 Update on Friday 26th January 2018

Rishab asks Karan whether it’s possible to cancel the engagement. Karan thinks he’s acting and praises him for great acting. He says if this engagement cancels, then his grandmom will get heartattack. Rishab thinks it’s too late now.
Dadi and Shrishti are worried as guests are increasing and they don’t have enough staff. Sameer hears it and goes behind Shrishti to offer help. Kareena stops him asking why he’s following Shrishti. Shrishti thinks he’s following her now and told her that he was looking at hot girl. She leaves. Rishab tells Kareena that he was not following Shrishti with wrong intentions. He wanted to help her as she was tensed. Kareena stops him from helping her.
Sherlin tells Kareena that she had promised her she will do something,
but she didn’t do anything. Kareena says she has a plan. Kareena tells Rishab’s mum to take her to Rishab.
Karan is flirting with a girl. He sees Preeta. Preeta tries to hide and then leaves from there. Karan follows her to ask where washroom is. She says there is no washroom here, he will have to go to Sarla’s house. He teases her reminding how they got stuck in washroom last time and she didn’t want to go out. She says she didn’t want to go out because there were people outside.

He tells her to accept that she wanted to be with him. She gets irritated and agrees with him. Dadi asks where they are going? Karan says Preeta’s favorite place and asks Preeta to tell Dadi. Dadi pulls his ear for bothering Preeta. Preeta laughs. After she goes, Dadi again asks Karan where they were going. He says nowhere and leaves saying he has to make a call.

Rishab is with Sherlin. Preeta comes there. Smile comes on Rishab’s face. Sherlin holds his hand seeing Preeta going to them. Preeta tells Sherlin that her dupatta needs to be adjusted and separate them. Sherlin thinks she did that purposely and says soon she will take her revenge. Rishab praisesPreeta for such an impressive arrangement. Preeta says she should be thankful to him and she’s glad that he liked arrangements. Suddenly lights go off. Guests say place is small and Ac is not working. Preeta goes to check. She asks Shrishti. She says she doesn’t know. Sarla takes both sisters to checkfuse. Rishab sends Karan and Sameer to check as well. Sherlin sees Kareena and figures that it’s done by her. She praises Kareena. Kareena says she removed fuse, so lights are not coming back. They assume that Rishab will now insult Preeta in front of everyone.
Sarla, Preeta, Shrishti are worried as they can’t figure out any solution. Karan and Sameer come and ask what happened. Shrishti tells them about the issue and says electrician doesn’t come that soon in this area. Karan says they can use fuse from Sarla’s house. Shrishti says how come she didn’t think of that. She goes to get fuse from Sarla’s house. Karan sends Sameer with her. Karan says he will go and check guests. First AC was not working and now lights went off too. Preeta says she doesn’t know what to do. Karan tells her to dance with him. She says what? He says when there is no solution, then Bollywood / entertainment definitely works. She says she doesn’t know what he’s saying. He takes her and says he will explain her. He takes her to guests and says this was their plan. They have a surprise for Rishab. Rishab wonders what he’s saying. Lights went off for real. Kareena thinks Preeta must have figured out some solution. Karan says they will tell everyone how Rishab and Sherlin fell in love by an act. Rishab understands they are making up a story to entertain guests. But in this lie, there is some truth. When he fell in love with Preeta, everyone thought Sherlin is his love. They will show his and Preeta’s love story, but everyone will think it’s his and Sherlin’s.
Karan and Preeta come back and do their act.

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