Kundali Bhagya Episode 43 Update on Wednesday 24th January 2018

Karan leaves for practice when a few girls catch him in the way. They initially cuddle him, asking for an autograph. He turns to leave but they stop him and forcefully wants a kiss. Preeta and Shrishti were passing by an auto, Shrishti insists to stop for Karan. Preeta comes to call the girls to keep their hands off.
Sarla was worried about the girls after Sanju’s case. Dadi assures they will be fine, as they now have Rishab and Karan’s friendship as well.
There, girls ask who Preeta are and Shrishti. Shrishti lies that Preeta is his wife, they have a hidden marriage. Preeta comes in between Karan and the girls. Karan smirks, Shrishti boasts that Preeta is a karate champion. Preeta challenge the girls to confrontation as she is black belt in judo karate. As the girls head towards
them, Shrishti gets her a bat. Preeta warns the girls to run away after returning Karan’s car keys, else she would not leave them worth walking home. Karan comes to whisper in Preeta’s ears to show her Karateability. Preeta pushes him back. The girls run away giving the car keys. Preeta cheers and hugs Shrishti. Karan appreciates Shrishti’s idea and asks if she called this psycho his wife. Preeta was offensive about being boring. Karan asks why she didn’t show her karate skills. Preeta says she was only maintaining Shrishti’s lie. Karan asks what about another lie, of his wife. They argue, as Karan boasts she is his fan. Shrishti stops their argument. Karan doesn’t say a thanks and instead call her bitter gourd. Preeta was offensive again, Karan smirks and leaves teasing her. Preeta says she saved him today only because of Rishab, it’s his engagement and he is much concerned about Karan always. Karan watches her turn around and go.
Karan comes to Rishab’s room and knocks at the door. Rishab asks if he has learnt etiquettes. Karan says after Rishab’s marriage he will have to learn this. He gifts a brogue to Rishab and asks how he drastically decided to marry? He was afraid who would wake him up daily to fry his brain? Rishab tells Karan to marry as well, his companion would then wake him up for practice everyday. He says its Preeta who made him understand this, Karan objects that it’s Preeta because of whom he doesn’t want to marry. Sameer comes to join Karan’s consent. Rakhi comes there and objects it, she says girls are really sweet and necessary to life. Karan and Sameer take a leave, before their mother again ask them to marry.
Sarla and Bee ji come to hall with Preeta and Shrishti. It was decorated well. Bee ji compliments the arrangements of Shrishti. Shrishti says engagement corner and outside area was decorated by Preeta. Preeta compliments the color scheme of Sarla’s choice. Bee says its only because of their unity that it was possible. Sarla stops Shrishti for arguing Bee ji. Shrishti complains she always scolds her. Preeta stops Shrishti, and tells Sarla to sometimes let it go. Bee ji makes them shake had, but Sarla and Shrishti were both stubborn. Preeta says they are alike, and can’t remain annoyed for longer as well. She forces Shrishti to hug Sarla. Bee ji says today she is sure Preeta will never let any difference be in Sarla and Shrishti. The guests arrive then.
Mr and Mrs Luthra wait for Rishab. A car stops by, Kritika and Karan cheerfully come out. Karan cheers that Rishab is late, they had bet a race and he won. Kareena was worried if Rishab didn’t come in time because of Preeta, if Sherlin’s insecurities are getting true.

PRECAP: Karan and Preeta were again arguing. Shrishti says the engagement would be really boring if they won’t fight. Karan and Preeta understand what she just said and breaks into a laughter together.

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