Kundali Bhagya Episode 42 Update on Tuesday 23rd January 2018

Rishab hides the photo behind, Preeta taunts this means he has fallen in love. Rishab thinks he only fall for Preeta. He asks why Preeta came here. Preeta asks Rishab why he gave such huge amount to her mother, did he know she need money? Rishab poses he was unaware, then complains Preeta calls him a friend and didn’t share her problem with him. He was really angry with her. Preeta smiles that she knows he will help her. Rishab tells her to go downstairs and gather the family, he would announce the venue.
The family was excited about announcement from Rishab. Karan laughs watching Preeta come downstairs. Rishab announces he has booked Kumkum Bhagya Hall for engagement. Kareena was furious listening about a small middle class venue for such a huge event. Rishab says Abhi told him that all
engagements that happen there are successful. Sherlin also objects, but Rishab clearly states if the venue is cancelled, their engagement would also be postponed.

Sherlin was furious and complains to Kareena that Rishab is ready to do anything for Preeta. She insists on Kareena to take some step, else Preeta would win over her and take Rishab. She hurts herself with a glass and says she can foresee Preeta hurting her more than this one day. Kareena says she would now play a game that Preeta will be left with no respect.
It was night. Shrishti was trying to hire an auto but none stopped. She watches Sameer’s car coming and thinks about an idea. She comes to front of his car and poses to have fainted. The crowd gathers. Sameer assures the crowd he knows the girl will take her to her home. Shrishti smiles watching him. Sameer was worried that she would now revenge him, like she did for his foot step. He decides to drop her home.
Sarla brings medicine for Bee ji and was excited to decorate the hall well, and the food must be the best as well. Preeta comes there and says they must create something really different now. Bee ji suggests Sarla to call her brother Kappu for catering. Preeta decides Shrishti will take care of the decoration. They wonder why Shrishti didn’t return and calls her.
Sameer opens the car door and comes to her side of door. He wonders how he must take her out of the car. Shrishti thinks she is really lucky to have reached the home in such a lavish car. Sameer decides to pull her out with her hair, he decides to pull her leg and throw her down by head so that she loses her memory. Shrishti gets out at once and asks if he attempted her murder. Sameer denies any accusation. Shrishti asks was he afraid of her, as he thought she would hit him by his own car as revenge. Sameer laughs and says he knew she wasn’t faint, as she held her purse really tight and moved her eyes. Shrishti says she wanted him to drop home and her plan worked. She tries to move but her shirt was tucked in car door. Sameer pulls the shirt, both share an eye lock. Shrishti runs inside, then turns to look at him. He smiles while Shrishti was nervous.
There in the room, Rishab watches Preeta’s photo. He speaks to God that he never hurt anyone, when he loves Preeta why is he marrying Sherlin. It’s for the first time in life when he feels himself weak. He doesn’t want to lose Preeta but he doesn’t know whom to share the matter with. He wish Preeta herself comes and asks him not to marry Sherlin.

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PRECAP: Preeta saves Karan from a gang of girls calling him as Her Karan! Shrishti smirks while Karan was shocked.

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