Kundali Bhagya Episode 39 Update on Thursday 18th January, 2018

Preeta comes to bat with Sarla. Rishab was bowling. Karan notices he was being controlled by Preeta and was completely lost in her thoughts. Sherlin felt curt about it and discusses with Kareena she hates Preeta. Akshay bowls against Sherlin and takes the wicket, Roo’s wicket is lost next. Preeta was left. Karan thinks it’s really important to win her wicket. He smiles while Preeta thinks about his proposal. She thinks this isn’t possible, he is only lying and hates her. Karan advices Sameer to throw straight, she is disturbed and would go out. Rishab listens and asks if he did something to upset her. There, Munna also wonders where Preeta lost is. Her wicket fells. Munni says there is sure a problem with her. Abhi taunts its because of her playing.
Shrishti brings Preeta to a room
and asks what stress is she in. Karan comes there and says he proposed her before the game began. He laughs that Preeta was disturbed considering this all a truth. Preeta was relieved as he hatesKaran a lot, and he was only lying. Kritika comes to call them downstairs. Preeta tells Kritika not to be afraid of Akshay this time. Akshay warns Kritika not to make him bowl for long, this is an order. He boasts he would take the wicket on this ball, but Kritika makes sixers. Abhi says Akshay is a nice guy, he lets Kritika win every ball. Akshay was irked.

Rishab stops Preeta and apologizes about Karan’s planning to defeat her. Preeta says she is well aware Rishab can’t take any such step. He is the nicest of all men she knows. Rishab wish if he is nice, she must only favor him by not saying a yes to Deepak.
Dadi, as umpire announces she would also bat. Preeta would run in her place. They cheer up.
Preeta tells Karan she called all his ex-girlfriends, there are fifteen of them. They are coming, and he must handle them all alone. Karan was disturbed this time. Finally, the girl’s team win the game. Abhi comes to Munni demanding a kiss from her. Munni denies any such promise. Munni leaves for home.
The girls dance around. Preeta comes to Karan and says she didn’t call anyone, it was a prank to make him disturbed. He must understand he can’t defeat her.
Preeta and Shrishti buy vegetables. Shrishti asks Preeta a difference about Karan and Rishab, she only wants to figure out who is better among them. Preeta wasn’t interested. She says Rishab is good looking but Karan isn’t at all. Shrishti disagrees. Preeta tells Shrishti Rishab is an honest man, he would be a good partner but no one ever understands the temperament of Karan. Shrishti insists everyone want some spice in life. Deepak had arrived.
Rishab speaks to Dr. Khanna on call. He speaks to Rishab about a foreign consultant’s arrival, he must consult with him regarding Dadi.
Deepak follows Preeta and Shrishti to their house. Preeta and Shrishti wish the ladies and leave for work. The ladies discuss Rishab and Karan might be good proposal for Preeta.
PRECAP: Rishab comes to book Kumkum Bhagya hall for his engagement function. He pays an advance of 60k for two days.

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