Kundali Bhagya Episode 35 Update on Friday 12th January, 2018

Preeta gets way Karan and asks why is she reluctant, if she is afraid of everyone. Preeta says Karan stalks her. Karan corrects he isn’t coming behind her. Preeta wish she could get this smile away from his face, then asks him about Sofia. Karan says Sofia is out from his life, she can never enter his life again. Preeta tells him not to be happy, Sofia won’t leave him so easily. He must marry Sofia when Rishab marries, else Sofia might ruin his name in his fan following. She tells him to go and see a psychiatrist.
Rishab recalls Preeta wanted him to marry Sherlin. With tears in eyes he says he can do this for her, then turns to see Preeta’s bag left in his room.
Dadi and Janki were playing Ludo. Shrishti comes to Dadi and says she doesn’t trust Sarla at all, she asks if what
she did was wrong. She is so confused. Dadi ji says Sarla was stopping her for a reason. Shrishti asks if he would actually do anything to revenge her. Janki and Dadi say they are proud of Shrishti for what she did, Shrishti gets what she did was right. Shrishti was now determined to teach him a lesson within next 24 minutes.
Sanju was upset being slapped by a mere girl (Preeta). On the way, Preeta hurries home as she had no courage to go back and face Kareena again to get her bag.

The goons decide to follow Preeta and stop her way by their jeep. Preeta was afraid to see them. Sanju says it’s time to fulfil their promise but drives their car away.
Karan walks downstairs and informs Rakhi about leaving for a party. He spots a bag in Rishab’s hand and recognizes it as Preeta. Rishab hands the bag to Karan to drop it at Preeta’s home as it lies in his way. Karan wasn’t ready for the favor but Rakhiinsists on him to do this for his brother.
On the way, the goons return to follow Preeta. They gather around her and recall each way they had been deterred and disgraced them at their house. Sanju also recalls his own promise about not sparing them. He says Preeta must now pay for all that was done to him. At home Sarla comes to Shrishti worried about Preeta getting late. She calls Preeta but Sanju breaks the phone. He laughs that he would call Sarla from his own phone but only after tearing her clothes. They force Preeta into a jeep. Karan passes by the jeep and hearing the screams thinks it must only be his suspicion, Preeta can never scream for help anyway. He was shocked to see Preeta being taken by goons in the jeep, turns his car to follow the jeep.
The goons bring Preeta to an under construction building site. They try to harass Preeta, Sanju calling Preeta as pretty. He reminds what Preeta’s sister have done to him and his brother, they deter to molest Preeta. Preeta tries to run away but Sanju follows her and was about to get her. He was hit at the back of his head by a wooden rod. It was Karan who gets her stroller and asks for her hand to go. Some more goons come downstairs for Sanju, Karan taunts her to go and check if any of his bones is broken. Preeta looks towards Karan, then Sanju… Karan laughs and drags her to run with him. At a distance, Karan leaves Preeta’s hand and asks if she is a trouble maker. A goon comes from behind and was about to hit Karan but stops, inspired by Karan. Karan says he came to take this girl, shall he? The goon allows. They run forward but Sanju and mates had arrived to gather them. Karan covers Preeta behind him, soon the siren of police mobile is heard. Karan tells the goons to run away. Preeta insists on him to let the police take them but Sanju and mates take a flee. Karan laughs showing it was only a ringtone is his cell phone. Preeta thanks Karan but someone hits Karan at the back of his head then. Karan faints.

PRECAP: Sarla tells Shrishti to be cautious now, Preeta was only saved by Karan. Preeta tries to wake Karan up.

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