Kundali Bhagya Episode 33 Update on Wednesday 10th January 2018

Shrishti comes to confront Shabu and says she would again do the same to him if he harasses another girl. Shabu clutches her hair and was about to take her. The ladies fight them with the broom sticks, one throws red spices into Shabu’s eyes. Sarla clutches him by collarand says if he again tries to harass his daughters she would send him to jail just as her brother went. Shabu orders his men to get hold of them, but Sarla stops them reminding them of their mothers. Shabu leaves deterring Shrishti, Sarla tells him to keep his eyes down for every girl. Shabu takes it as a challenge, he says he is a beast and will not spare his daughters. Preeta slaps him warning him to consider any woman as weak. He must next time remember this broom stick incident the next time they try to harass a girl. The
goons leave. Shabu returns deterring he will one day break their women power if he finds them alone. Sarla pushes him outside the house and shuts the door. Everyone was relieved.
Rakhi knocks at Rishab’s door. She asks if he is fine, she could sense he was in trouble. She says he must not hold a mere deal important and spoil his mood. She brings him Besan ke Laddu. He was still upset. Rakhi says she also wish to cry whenever he is happy. Rishab smiles that she knows how to cheer him up. Rakhi asks about his birth chart, Rishab says he don’t know. She looks around and finds it, then says a new era of his life is about to begin. Life is like a car, if one wheel doesn’t work the car would lose balance. She urges him to be happy and come downstairs, Pandit ji is waiting downstairs. Kareena then comes to take the birth chart, Rakhi insists on Rishab to go downstairs.

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Shrishti stops Sarla but Sarla scolds Shrishti why she interfered in someone else’s matter. Shrishti says Sarla just quoted it’s good to help anyone in need. She scolds Shrishti that its because of her the goons entered her house. She cries that she confronted the goons today but they were about to take Shrishti away, and could have molested anyone. Shrishti was cheerful about the way they fought them. Sarla still scolds Shrishti for not understanding, she says people there were helping the girl because they were afraid for their family. Shrishti tells Sarla she must have left their matter over them, if there was some other mother she must have felt proud. But Sarla scolds her only. Sarla says alright she is a bad mother, but it’s about a goon. He would find a chance to take revenge from Shrishti whenever she is alone. Shrishti still wasn’t ready to understand, and leaves. Sarla sends Preeta to explain it to her.
Deepak’s mother was excited to get his call and asks about his job and residence. Deepak informs her that he has found Preeta, she must now prepare for their wedding. He is sure she would agree, he did great acting and she is in his grip now. His mother boasts he is a good actor since childhood and suggests him to get to acting career. Deepak says he even got a job. His mother was reluctant to prepare for marriage as what if Preeta doesn’t agree. Deepak says he has lied greatly even about starting a scholarship, she would agree and marry him before the news can be revealed; and after marriage he would keep her controlled in a fist.
Sameer comes to take Dadi and Karan downstairs. Dadi sends Sameer downstairs as she is doing something really important. Karan was showing Dadi photos of girls for her consent. Dadi says there are only two pretty girls these days, one is Preeta and other is Shrishti. Karan was angry at Preeta’s name, he goes out of mind whenever he looks towards that girl.
Downstairs, Pandit says there is a little hurdle in Rishab’s marriage in initial times. Kritika and Rishab say it has already been removed. The Pandit says they are compatible for each other. Rakhi and Kareena were excited to prepare for wedding. Rishab was upset and thinks he must tell everyone about her liking and stop this wedding to happen.

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