Kundali Bhagya Episode 29 Update on Thursday 4th January 2018

Shrishti assures Vandy that Kareena and everyone loves her, she is taking care of all the work. Sameer heard Shrishti’s talk, he comes to apologize her; it was his mistake not to cast her. She lied well to Vandy that everyone loves her. Shrishti was enraged and tells him to leave, else she wouldn’t leave her. Sameer drags a chair and was about to sit, Shrishti pushes it and he fells down. Karan was passing by, Shrishti watches him and helps Sameer stand up. Karan smiles and asks Shrishti why she did so. Shrishti says he was speaking a lot and didn’t let her do her job. Karan appreciates her and leaves. Sameer goes behind him.

Rashi cheerfully tells Mr. Luthra that Sherlin is ready to marry Rishab. She was happy as it was her dream cum true, she was worried about wedding arrangementsof Rishab. Mr. Luthra assures to look after all the arrangements. She says she hasn’t slept well since years, but today she is tension free. Mr. Luthra says all these happiness are because of Preeta, both agree about it.
Preeta shares with Shrishti that she was embarrassed when the best couple with Rishab announced. Shrishti says she thinks these were genuine results from computer of restaurant. They spot a falling star, Preeta prays for a way to help Sarla save Kumkum Bhagya. Shrishti prays her sister is married in Luthra family.
Rishab stood by his car upset about the revelation of Sherlin.

He wonders why he got a happiness that was so short coming, he was happy to think about Preeta and cherished every moment spent with her. He drives home rashly.
Sameer comes to Karan and says he is sleepless out of anger. Karan tells him to think what if family knew about it. He advices him to stay away from the girl who says I love you, once you marry the life was ruined. Sameer says Karan’s parents are so happily married. Karan says in their case, mom is innocent and dad proposed. Secondly he must stay away from wine and third is Preeta. She always fight. Sameer asks Karan what he must have done if he wasn’t a cricketer. Karan says he must have been a road side rowdy, as girls are fan of their saviors. Sameer discusses with Karan that Rishab is so innocent, he would marry anyone their parents select for them. Karan says he is doing just that, their parents selected Sherlin for him.

Rishab drives back home, doomed. He walks home broken and knocks at the door. There was no answer, Rishab says there was a huge misunderstand and he can’t marry Sherlin. They can’t take huge decisions of life in misunderstanding. He sits on the bed saying he agreed to marry Preeta, he doesn’t want to marry Sherlin. Firstly he didn’t want to marry. If he can’t get Preeta he will stay alone, but won’t ruin anyone else’s life. If she ever saw Preeta, how innocent and thoughtful she is. Only she is worth being his life partner, today he wants to listen to his heart today. He notices Rashi wasn’t reacting and finds her fast asleep.
 Rishab thinks if Rashi didn’t listen to her. His dad comes from behind and tells him not to disturb his mother today. She is relaxed only because of him today, as soon as she got Sherlin’s mother’s call she was dancing. She had been really tensed for his wedding. Rishab wonders how he must tell his dad he isn’t happy at all. Mr. Luthra wonders what happened to him, as he walks away from the room. In his own room, Rishab thinks about Preeta. He decides to tell Rashi the truth, he must convince her to say a no to Sherlin’s proposal. Firstly, its important for him to ask Preeta if she would spend her life with him. He calms himself down and decides to speak to Preeta once tomorrow.

It was morning, Rashi was arranging the breakfast. Kareena asks Rashi why is she so happy. Rashi tells her that Sherlin agreed to marry Rishab; she now wants to dance around and has invited Sherlin’s mother to arrange the engagement. Kareena was happy that everything went smoothly. She turns to scold a servant that the coffee was cold. Rishab looks after Preeta’s way and wonders why is she late, he needs to talk to her.

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