Kumkum Bhagya Episode 989 Update on Tuesday 30th January 2018

 Abhi. Aaliya searches for Simonika and thinks now she has to give all her savings for Abhi’s treatment else family will think her love is fake. Tanu comes there and asks why you are restless. Aaliya says she is not restless about Abhi, but thinking about Munni. She tells that Munni is critical and Doctor made consent papers signed by Dasi and they have no hopes to save her. She says what we couldn’t do, that snake had done. Tanu says now that Pragya will die. Aaliya asks her not to call her
Pragya and says she hates that name. Tanu says she don’t know why Munni saved him and says only a pati vrata husband can do this.
Pragya’s condition worsens in the hospital. Doctor says we might be losing her and tells Nurse that they have to make her vomit. She says I would have given her exact antidote if she was bitten by snake and says if her destiny is good then she will be saved else no. They give her some antidote hoping she is saved. Raj comes to hospital and asks Dadi if she met Abhi. Dadi says she didn’t meet him and saw him from outside. She says she can’t think of going inside and just hoping that he gets fine. Dasi says Abhi is fine and says she is worried for Munni and tells that she reminded her of Pragya and says she risked her life for Abhi to save him. Dadi says this girl’s heart is like of Pragya and says who can do this for others. Dasi says we thought her wrong. Simonika comes to hospital holding bouquet in her hand and thinks Mehra family will think that I brought it for his well being, but they didn’t know that it can be brought on someone’s death. Dasi says from where that snake come. Dadi says it is brought by someone and says if that person comes infront of me then I will not leave that person.

Simonika comes infront of her and greets Dadi.

Dadi tells her that savior is bigger than killer. Simonika thinks her lecture started even here. She thinks they started praising Pragya again. She says Pragya saved her husband risking her life and asks about Abhi. Dasi says Doctor took out poison from his body and now he is out of danger. Simonika is shocked and then says it is a blessings of God on your family. Dadi says God is not seeing the person who has saved Abhi. Simonika thinks it is good that Pragya is dying. She says she will meet Abhi. Dadi asks her to go and asks Dasi to take her to inhousetemple. She prays to Mata Rani for Pragya thinking her to be Munni and says that girl saved my Abhi, nothing shall happen to her. Simonika thinks you got saved of snake poison, but can’t be saved from my anger. She says you can’t go home., but will go directly to crematorium ground, may be your death is written in my hand, I have come to kill you.
Abhi is on bed and takes Pragya’s name. Pragya gets restless as he condition deteriorates. Doctor prays for her and gives her injection. She tells nurses that if she is saved then tell her family that God saved her. Aaliya asks Dadi not to take tension and says she has paid Abhi’s bill with her money. Dasi asks about Munni’s bill. Aaliya says her treatment is going on. Dadi tells Dasi that she is worried for Munni and says if anything happens to her. Aaliya says this happened with Abhi because of her and hopes and wishes that she dies on hospital bed. Dasi asks her to have some shame and says she has saved Abhi. Aaliya says may be this can be her conspiracy. Doctor comes out and tells that they have given her antidote, but don’t know if she will be saved or not. She asks them to pray. Aaliya asks about Abhi. Doctor says she is saved. Aaliya gets happy and thinks Munni’s death news will be like good like that of Pragya’s death news.
Simonika comes to Abhi’s ward and thinks about her husband’s death. She says you saved again. She throws flowers on him and says your condition is like a flame which fights with air and then sets off finally, and same way you will die too. She asks him to take last breath and says you have separated me from my love and snatched him from me, without whom I can’t live. She says I hate you as whenever I see you, I get angry on you. Whenever I try to kill you, your wife saves you, but today she can’t save you as she herself is critical. He says you both will die, then meet after death. He says God can give you rebirth, but you can’t live in this birth. She says her motive is to kill him, and says you are lying here peacefully. I thought I will remove the oxygen mask, but no…you are fine. She thinks how to kill you and sees knife in the fruit basket. She picks the knife.
She says your blood will be flown so much so that your breath will stop. She says good bye Abhi, its time to go. Pragya gains conscious and senses danger to Abhi’s life. Simonika stabs Abhi.
Simonika thinks Pragya is unconscious and tells that Abhi’s death was decided when he killed her husband. Pragya opens her eyes. Simonika is shocked.

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