Kumkum Bhagya Episode 987 Update on Friday 26th January 2018

The Episode starts with Abhi trying to make the snake go. Pragya asks him to be far from snake. Abhi asks snake what is its address and says I will drop you to home. He hisses so that snake understands him and tells Pragya that snake understood him. He says snake told that he stays in his neighborhood. Pragya asks him to drop it in its house. Abhi lifts snake holding the towel. Pragya asks him to drop it. Abhi says he is a man and is afraid of just cockroach and not snake. Pragya asks why did I deny that you are not man. Abhi says now he will tell everyone that he saved them. Simonika thinks Abhi will die soon and her revenge will be fulfilled. Pragya sees window and asks him to throw the snake out. She says she will touch his feet and will tell everyone that he saved them, but Abhi don’t drop
the snake.
Just then snake bites on his hand. He faints and falls down unconscious. Pragya cries as usual and asks him to open his eyes, says nothing will happen to him. She cries and tries to make him get consciousness. Mitali shouts calling everyone. They all come there. Mitali tells them that she checked in Abhi’s room and she saw him unconscious and Munni is crying sitting there.
Aaliya, Tanu and others go there and accuses Munni. Dasi asks them to call doctor first and says it is an emergency. Munni ties cloth on her hand. Tanu asks Pragya to save him being a villager and says if pragya would have been alive, she wouldn’t let Abhi die. Aaliya says she is Munni, an imposter. Taya ji calls Doctor. Simonika thinks now call Pandit who will do his kriya karam. Pragya asks Abhi to wake up. Simonika checks the snake bite and thinks Abhi will die in 7-8 mins. She thinks now Pragya will know how it feels when someone closer dies. She recalls something and a fb is shown. She says good bye Abhi.
Pragya recalls the moments with him while the song main tum ko bhool na pawungi. She recalls Aaliya and Tanu’s words saying if Pragya would been here then she wouldn’t have let him die.

She sucks the poison and spit it. Dasi says why you are risking your life. Aaliya comes and says car is ready and says she will not take Munni. Dasi says she has saved Abhi and sucked the poison. Taya ji says we shall take both. Simonika thinks they will die before reaching hospital.

Abhi asks driver to drive fast. Aaliya asks her to act when Abhi gains consciousness and asks her to make him gain consciousness. Pragya asks him to open his eyes and get angry with him. She recalls promising to save him from all troubles. Fb ends. She says I will always save you and says you will be fine. She cries asking him to gain consciousness.
Aaliya asks Doctor to save Abhi. Dasi asks what did you say and tells that even Munni is in danger and needs treatment. Aaliya says let her go to govt hospital and get treatment. Later both Abhi and Pragya are on hospital bed in critical state..

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