Kumkum Bhagya Episode 984 Update on Tuesday 23rd January 2018

 The Episode starts with Snake charmer asking Simonika to be careful with the snake and says sometimes he can’t handle himself. Simonika plans to kill Abhi with snake bite. Pragya thinks who might be the mysterious attack and thinks to talk to him. Abhi comes there and thinks Chipkali is here and will be finding ways to get closer to me. He thinks he will not talk to her and takes a book. Pragya says I read books and not you. She says she wants to talk to him something important. She asks did you buy invisible headphone and holds his ear and check. Abhi says he don’t want to talk to her. Pragya says why he don’t want to talk when the matter is about his life. Abhi asks her to write a letter for him, and post to him. He says then he will send her letter. Pragya says it is an important matter
regarding your life.
Abhi says I will not talk to you or touch you even if storm comes. Just then he sees cockroach and hugs her tightly saying cockroach is here. He then looks for it and says it is gone. Pragya sees it and thinks he is mistaken butterfly to be cockroach and take the pic.
Simonika asks Snake Charmer to leave snake in Abhi’s room. She asks him to take stairs and climb on it. Pragya comes out. Abhi asks did you swallowed that mosquito. Pragya says she has clicked it and shows the pic, says it is butterfly. She asks him to accept that he got scared. Abhi says no. She asks him to tell if he tried to get closer to her on the pretext of seeing cockroach. Simonika asks snake charmer to climb on the stairs. He stumbles and the basket falls from his hand, Simonika holds it and says she will come.
Abhi tells Pragya that she is not his wife and asks her to be away from him. Snake Charmer makes snake go to Abhi’s room through window. Abhi thinks he shall get his room back from Munni. He thinks he will never go to munni even if snake comes infront of him. Snake Charmer comes back to Simonika. Simonika gets happy. Abhi thinks he will not come inside this room. Pragya comes and says you are still here. She thinks to convince him and bring him back. Abhi sits on sofa and thinks he is not comfortable on it. He gets he is sleeping like servants. Pragya thinks to use reverse psychology to get him back in the room.
Abhi thinks he can’t get sleep and thinks Munni cleverly made him leave the room, and thinks Aaliya and Tanu were right about her. He thinks why he is not clever like her and thinks he shall take back room. Pragya thinks what to tell him and thinks he don’t trust her.
Pragya sees snake and runs out of room. Abhi holds her with the blanket and they fall down romantically…

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