Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1009 Update on Tuesday 27th February 2018

Abhi calms Poorab down. Poorab asks Abhi what he was about to say. Abhi says he has a confusion about Munni, firstly when she came as Munni they all knew. But this time he can’t accept she is Munni. Poorab says he understands he also thinks she is Pragya. But he wonders why she doesn’t accept it or share any of her plans this time. She has been an elder sister to him and DIsha, which only Pragya could do and understand. Abhi says he only wants to hear from her that she is the real Pragya. He requests Poorab to share with him anything if discussed between them. Abhi says Pragya always take a step for some reason, but she hasn’t shared any reason yet. Poorab promises to share anything with him, he owes a lot to Pragya
Pragya tells Aaliya to get away, she wants to get to her room. Aaliya
says she isn’t worth living in this house. If she thinks herself to be the real Pragya, which she isn’t. She must not forgive she is Munni, and not Pragya. This family when comes to know the truth, will hurt her badly. Pragya says they are well aware who is hiding their real faces; she is Munni and is living as Munni. Its her family which turned her into a family member. She has bind every member in the family; but Aaliya as a daughter of this house always break the relations. She is fed up of Aaliya’s stories of being deprived of love, but actually she has a devil nature. She twists Aaliya’s arm as she attempts to raise a finger over Pragya

Simonika watches Pragya come to her room and comes in. Pragya was concerned watching Simonika cry. She says she broke Abhi’s guitar while cleaning the studio. She insists on Pragya to let her get this repair. Pragya tells her about Khan Chacha. Pragya gives her the address and says she will send the driver with her. Pragya thinks she is so innocent. Outside, Simonika thinks Pragya can never understand her game; she has given a death certificate to her today. Tannu stops Simonika but she doesn’t listen. Mitali comes to mock her, but they have an argument with each other. Aaliya comes to stop their fight and blame game.
Abhi wonders what he must do to make her confess she is the real Pragya. He watches a photo and asks Pragya to give some idea, she is the machine of ideas. He is sure she is Pragya, the way she made the coffee, her choice of his clothes and even her touch revealed she is the real Pragya. He goes to find her.
Pragya was busy in the kitchen, Abhi silently enters to tickle her from behind. Pragya says she was holding boiling water and was afraid. Abhi says atleast she accepts she is afraid of him; she must accept one more thing. She says she was preparing brown sugar bread for Dadi, her mother…. Everyone in her village makes this. Abhi recalls she had fed it to Dadi and Dasi. Abhi wasn’t ready to taste but was mesmerized by the flavor. He had cut Pragya’s finger mischievously. Pragya felt uncomfortable, and says she feels itchy on her back. Abhi itches her back, while Tanu watches this from outside the kitchen. She was irked as Abhi and Pragya share intimate eye lock. Abhi coversPragya’s head with her dupatta and compliments that she looks as beautiful as on their wedding date. Pragya denies being his wife. There, Tannu thinks she needs to find a proof that this girl isn’t Munni but Pragya, in order to convince herself as well as Aaliya and others. Abhi insists on Pragya that her eyes doesn’t support her words, and if its not so why is she stealing looks from him. Pragya tells him to get his proofs to court, and let her prepare roti for Dadi. Abhi says she is his dadi as well, he should pour a little water on her plan and does this. he says he will also prepare Roti for Dadi. Pragya tries to resist but Abhi hugs her from behind, kneading with her. Pragya watches Abhi intimately.

PRECAP: Tannu argues with Pragya that she got the flour over her face. Pragya says Abhi is in the other washroom, she also got the flour. Tannu questions how he got it. Pragya says he began kneading the floor with her.

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