Kumkum and Kundali Bhagya Update on Tuesday 26th December 2017

The Episode starts with Dadi telling Pragya that it seems you have accepted that you are not Pragya, but my heart says that you are Pragya. Dasi asks Pragya to speak up for her suhaag, identity and rights. She asks her to tell. Pragya is tensed. Abhi asks her to look at him and says he don’t believe on papers, doctor or anything and says he just trusts his Pragya and asks her to look in his eyes and tell the truth. He says he is sure that aaliya and tanu are saying nonsense, but there is logic in their words and asks her to tell. He asks why your head is down and says your one truth will prove their 100’s proofs wrong. He says he can identify his Pragya closing his eyes among lakhs of people. He asks her to tell the truth and says until you say anything, how can I protect you. Aaliya says

what she will say and says everyone asked her, but she has no answer. Pragya used to fight for the truth, but she is silent as she is Pragya’s lookalike and kept you in dark and played with your feelings. Now it is proved that she is Munni.

Tanu says Munni thought we will not identify her, but today her lie came infront of us. She says we have done bad with Pragya and repenting for that. When we had a doubt on her, we enquired about her. We would have taken advantage of her face and made her do anything by blackmail, but we didn’t do anything and brought proofs here. Disha thinks Abhi shall trust Pragya. Tanu and Aaliya asks her why she came and who is in her plan. Aaliya asks who brought you here and asks did you see Pragya before. Tanu asks did you kill Pragya and took her place. She asks her to tell if she killed Pragya repeatedly. Abhi asks her to shut up and says Pragya is alive. He says until I am alive and my love is alive, Pragya is also alive. He asks Pragya to tell anything and asks why she wants to prove herself wrong and asks her to tell that all documents, doctor are fake and asks her to tell that she is his Pragya. Pragya cries as he holds her hands.
Abhi says you don’t want to tell, don’t tell. Now I am helpless to believe those proofs, if you are not Pragya then you are her lookalike, betrayal, imposter, etc. He says if you are not my Pragya then you have no right to stand with me, near me in my house. He says he loves this face and before he hates her face, asks her to get out. Munni condition deteriorates in the hospital. Pragya is shocked to hear this from Abhi. Sad music plays. Doctor tries to revive Munni. Pragya says I am not your Pragya, and have no right to stay here. Disha thinks she has to do something. Aaliya asks her to stop her emotional drama and says your chapter will end here right now. She says you can go to Pragya’s home and fool them, nobody will believe you here, I brought you here to make you dance on my tune, but you started dancing on my head. She asks her to get out. Pragya looks at Abhi. Tanu and Aaliya smirks. Pragya goes to room and calls Munni. She thinks that man made the phone off, once he picks the call and says where is Munni, then we can get him new phone. She thinks about Abhi’s words. Raj comes to Chutka and Chutki and asks them to come to the right place. He drives the car.
Aaliya and Tanu have champagne. Tanu says she couldn’t show her happiness when Abhi said that he hates her face. She tells Abhi’s dialogues. Aaliya asks her to stop it and laughs and says you should be an actor. Tanu says 1 more time. Aaliya laughs and says you are too good. She says you are unbelievable. Tanu says you were stopping me from exposing her. Aaliya says you made the plan, but it was imperfect without me. We would have been exposed without my idea.
Dadi asks Abhi to say and lighten his heart. Abhi says why everyone hates me, this time Pragya’s name and face betrayed me. He asks where is my Pragya, if she is fine. Dadi says whatever happened is good, and says your love for her saved you from this betrayal. She asks him to have patience and says your Pragya will soon come. Abhi cries. Dadi and Dasi console him. Disha calls Purab, and thinks why his call is not connecting. She thinks only he can help her. Purab phone rings. He was with a client and tells that his wife called. He picks the call. Disha tells him that everything ended here, and asks him to come there soon. She tells him that Abhi threw pragya out. Purab is shocked and asks why he will do this. Disha says Aaliya and Tanu said that Pragya is Munni. Purab asks her to calm down and tell him everything. Disha tells everything and tells that when Pragya didn’t say anything, Abhi asked her to leave. Purab says this is Aaliya and Tanu’s trick and says she should have told how she saved Abhi’s property. Disha says when she asked Pragya to tell, she made her silent. Purab says now he is sure that Aaliya and Tanu have done something big and blackmailed pragya and made her silent. Disha asks him to come and take a stand for Pragya.
Pragya is in the room and thinks two kids’ life is related to my truth. How can I risk their life. She looks at fuggi and rockstar toy and says we have united them, but got separated. She says you would have read my eyes and believed me. Why did you come in Aaliya talks? She says today I couldn’t tell you anything, but when I get Munni and her kids then I will tell him. She thinks to talk to Dadi and convince her that she is Pragya. Dadi thinks how can anyone betray us. Pragya comes to Dadi. Dadi asks how dare you to come to my room and asks her to stop. Pragya tells Dadi that she is not Munni, but Pragya. Dadi says I will not come in your talks and asks her to leave. Pragya asks her to trust her.
Dadi says you didn’t think about Abhi’s love and feelings. She says Abhi loves pragya a lot. Pragya asks her to believe her and listen to her. Dadi refuses to listen to her and says when Abhi asked you, you didn’t tell anything. Dadi says she will not come in her talks and asks her to leave from her sight. Pragya says she is Pragya and it is Aaliya and Tanu’s trick to make her fall in Abhi’s eyes. Dadi asks why you talking now and asks her to leave. Pragya asks her to listen to her once. Dadi refuses to listen and throws her out of room. She says you are Pragya’s lookalike and betrayal. Abhi thinks about his romantic moments with Pragya, and thinks she was Munni. Chandariya Jheere Re plays…..
Abhi thinks how can anyone betray me. She has Pragya’s face and also feelings. He thinks why there was truth in her eyes, when she was saying she is not Pragya. Pragya thinks Dadi will not listen to her and thinks if nobody will come and stop her. She sees Abhi in room and tells that she will tell him everything and needs some time. Abhi says he can do mistake once and not again. He asks her to talk to whoever she wants, but not him. He says I have nothing to do with you, but just with my Pragya. He says whatever you have done, Pragya can’t do this, he says your face resembles with Pragya, but what you will do with heart. Whenever I see girls like you, I fall more and more in love with her. He says you didn’t think before staying with a stranger in his room. He says your face resembles, but your behavior….he asks why you are standing infront of me and asks her to just leave. Judaai song plays……Aaliya and Tanu are happy and says finally they have kicked Munni out. Tanu says now Abhi will not see her and my way is clear. Pragya comes. Aaliya and Tanu teases her and asks if she is munni or pragya. Tanu says we have pulled the earth under her feet. She asks how dare you to love him and think him as your husband. She says you will not get your kids or Abhi. Aaliya says she don’t want Abhi, but his money. She is a street side woman.
Kundali Bhagya Episode 22
Preeta goes looking for tissue stock and knives in the house. Rashi had heard about it and sent them for new knife box and tells her the room with tissue boxes. Preeta enters the room and notices its Karan’s room. She goes to washroom to collect the tissue boxes and napkins, then screams watching Karan there. Karan says she is interested in him and even stalked him to his washroom. Preeta clarifies there is nothing for him in her heart. Karan asks what is going on between her and his brother. Preeta was left speechless. Karan shouts that he wants anything to end, if there is between her and Rishab. Preeta counter screams that he isn’t the one to dictate her who she speaks to or who not. She asks who he to question her is. Karan says he won’t let her plan succeed, firstly she was behind him
and now behind his brother. Preeta places her finger over Karan’s forehead and asks if he can’t think about anything else. Karan tells Preeta about Sofia who has come with her parents to get engaged to him. Preeta recognizes Sofia was in the car the first day they met. She feels bad for Sofia and says she hates men like him who traps girls but then leaves them halfway. She curses Karan that Sofia never leaves him ever. She turns to leave but slips over a hand key. Karan holds her in his arms, and blows her hair off her face. They share an eye lock.
Rishab thinks he must ask Preeta about Sherlin’s suspense. He smiles thinking he likes what he feels for Preeta.
In the washroom, Preeta straightens up and asks why he is smiling. Karan says its victory smile, she is exactly like he thought about her. She is creating a record of falling into his arms. If she also keeps on thinking about him, like Shrishti. Preeta says she is actually trying to think how blackened his heart is. Rishab comes to the room and calls who is there. Karan shuts Preeta’s mouth saying Rishab would take a false meaning out of it. He calls from inside that he is here.
Downstairs, Kareena asks Shrishti about tissues. Shrishti thinks how she must tell her she has placed tissues somewhere and forgotten. She goes following Preeta to find the tissues.
Karan confirms if someone is outside and says there is no one inside. Preeta goes out, then hurries inside saying she saw someone coming in. If it was Kareena she must have killed her. Karan says she makes good stories, why she doesn’t say she can’t live without him. Shrishti had reached the room calling Preeta. Karan speaks from inside, Preeta steps over his foot. Karan says he saw her, and sent her to another washroom for tissue. Shrishti goes outside, her employee had come with tissue boxes.
Preeta tries to open the door but it was locked. Karan comes to help her but says he liked her pleading him today. Preeta tells him to open the door now, she doesn’t want to be caught with him at least. Karan leaves over her to open the door. When she fails, Karan holds the knob and goes out. Outside in the room, Sofia comes to see Karan and asks if he is here for a girl, she looks around asking where he hid the girl. Karan thinks about Shrishti’s idea. There, Preeta was happy to see Sofia there and thinks she would now see what he says to Sofia.

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