KKD wades in on BET debate; calls for support for African artistes

Fashionista and an entertainment industry player, Kwasi Kyei Darkwa has waded in the ongoing debate on the just released BET nomination for the Best International Act (Africa Category).

To him, the debate as to who was nominated or not is currently not needed but rather, the country should throw its weight behind the nominated artiste to bring glory to the country.

On Willi Roi’s rant that Shatta Wale is about the money and not on backstage awards, the fashionista noted that it was wrong on his part to have made that comment.

He posted “I have read with much joy, and also disappointment, the tweets and posts following the announcement of nominees for the BET AWARDS 2017 International Act- Africa. On this subject, I speak only for myself, The Finest Productions and for the advancement of Arts, Culture and Tourism in Ghana, not for BET nor any artiste nor enterprise.

The negativity expressed in Ghanaian circles is only surpassed by the positivity and goodwill of our Nigerian counterparts.

Whilst some Ghanaian supporters and punters are attacking the nominated and the as yet unnominated, others elsewhere are congratulating and rooting for their compatriot.

The difference is so telling: love vrs hate, class vrs crass.

“When Ghanians take pride in a backstage award then we are in deep mess” and “Shatta Wale is about making real money not backstage awards BETSHAM

No Willi, you didn’t have to go there. Be a friend, like in your beautiful song, not a fiend, that’s so wrong.

I don’t think the very popular and entertaining Ghanaian musician Shatta Wale has requested any publicist to bring his name into the fray.

He is a commercially successful artiste who deserves his applause and awards, many of which lie ahead if he keeps on trucking and shining as we want him to. Pundits should refrain from hiding behind his brand to do their selfish acts that do not advance his cause.

Congratulations to Stone Buoy, the only Ghanaian nominee this year. Judging from the music on rotation on radio, television, online and at parties at home and in the diaspora plus schedule of notable shows performed, this year’s honours favour the cosmopolitan and internationally-oriented.

Think of your favorite songs by our African Acts over the year and find how many were recorded by the under-listed to catch my drift. The nominees areWIZKID (Nigeria)

TEKNO (Nigeria)

MR. EAZI (Nigeria)

DAVIDO (Nigeria)


AKA (South Africa)



I entreat all who love African Music to support the artistes by paying for their music and performances, sponsoring their shows and paying them well for their services in brand campaigns. These are the most meaningful ways to keep our loved musicians in business so they can continue to bring us entertainment and upliftment.

As for those who dislike any product, you have the power to channel your energies into designing and creating your substitute.

Don’t merely sit and vent; think and invent. And if you can’t build, don’t destroy what others have.

“If you can’t originate You may temporarily imitate But please don’t denigrate Rather learn to create” -HRB KKD. #love #music #africa #arts #culture #tourism #civility”

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