Gangaa Episode 73–74 Update on Thursday 1st March 2018

It’s been 2 years since this girl left school. Plus it was Hindi medium. She will have to start afresh if you want her to start studying. Niru doesn’t mind it. Principal suggests him to try somewhere else. The standard of this school is really high. Kids from rich / good houses come here to study. I don’t think this girl will be able to fit in here. Her confidence will be broken. I will advise you to get her admitted in a government school. Niru thanks him for his advice. I don’t think Ganga’s confidence will break or she will not fit in here. Ganga nods. Babu is right.
 A school is a school. I will try hard. Principal talks about the entrance exam which she will have to clear to get admission here. Writing such essays is easy. She doesn’t know anything, English or Computers. Kids here are proficient in both. How will she match up with this? Ganga says you cannot judge me without testing me. I will pass the exam however hard it is. Niru adds that she will have to prove it. Think and tell. You have time. Are you ready to try? Ganga affirms. I will do it. Niru gives the form back to Principal. I hope you don’t have any problem now. Principal takes it. I will call you in a few days for the exam. He goes to submit the form. Niru says it is all in your hands. Will you be able to do it? Ganga nods. I will do it. Niru decides to rope in Tiwari ji for the help for the exam. Don’t tell anything to Amma ji till the time the exam is done.
Niru speaks to Tiwari ji. Ganga has changed. Tiwari ji refuses to teach Ganga. I know I am poor but I cannot get myself insulted. Ganga folds her hands before him. Please listen to Babu. I promise I will study hard. I will not trouble you I promise. Please help me. Come one day. You can stop coming from the next day onwards if I trouble you. Babu or no one will ask you to come then. Tiwari ji agrees to give her a chance. I will first check if she has changed or not. Niru requests him to come in the evening itself. Tiwari ji goes to bring tea for him. Niru turns to Ganga. Everything is in your hands. You will have to impress him. Behave so nicely that he agrees to teach you. I tried my best. Now it is your turn. It all depends on you.
Haldi ceremony is happening at Chaturvedi House. Some ladies are singing songs. Omkar tells everyone not to do anything. I just had a word with our in-laws. Someone in his family died. He has asked us to postpone this engagement. I dint ask in details. Dubey Ji only said that this engagement will not happen. Niru and Amma ji nod. We cannot push anyone for it. It’s not a good time. We will get a little more time for preps. Prabha is concerned about the sweets or they will rot otherwise. Babli is sad.
Ganga wonders what she should do to make Master ji happy. She recalls something. I will write A to Z 100 times. But it will take lots of time. I will learn Mary and Little Lamb. He always used to teach it to me. She starts reading it. Yash is watching her from far. Sagar comes there. Master ji is coming again so she is studying. Yash wants to play games on laptop. Sagar stops him. Papa has given it to me for studies. He takes the laptop and goes out. Yash decides to teach a lesson to Ganga.
Yash plays loud music. Ganga cannot concentrate. Sagar too tells Yash to switch off the music as Ganga is studying. Yash doesn’t care. Ganga requests Yash to lower the volume but Yash wants Sagar’s laptop in return. Ganga asks Sagar to lower the volume Yash but Sagar declines. I am not your friend. Why should I listen to you? Why should I take your side then? Ganga looks at both of them and then goes out. Sagar feels bad.
Sudha and Pishi Ma are sitting with Amma ji. They discuss about the engagement. Omkar is eyeing Sudha. Amma ji thinks that some evil eye has fallen on them.
Ganga holds her ears. Sagar goes out to check. Ganga picks up her books and walks away.
Maharaj ji brings tea for the ladies. Omkar asks him to bring some snacks too. Sudha ji looks so frail. He adds Pishi Ma’s name hastily. Sudha is taken aback. Amma ji doesn’t find anything odd about it. He is so concerned about everyone all the time. Pishi Ma suggests Amma ji to keep a Ramayan Paath at home. It will benefit the house and its people. Sudha nods. She notices Omkar staring at her. Amma ji wants to consult a priest first. You both will have to come every day. Pishi Ma is not keeping so well but she agrees from Sudha’s side. Sudha is not comfortable. Omkar understands Pishi Ma’s point. Pishi Ma is getting old but Sudha is not. She will come. Sudha is getting irritated. I will do what all I can do. Amma ji, Pishi Ma, Prabha and Sudha get up to go to temple. Amma ji shares it with Madhvi. We are going to temple to speak to priest. Madhvi doesn’t want to leave the kids alone at home. Amma ji tells Maharaj ji to take care of the house in their absence. They also take Drishti with them. Omkar too offers to join them.
Ganga cannot study anywhere.
It is already 4:15.
Maharaj ji is going to market to bring fruits and milk. He updates the maid (Mehri) but she is not paying heed while washing clothes. Her phone rings. Mrs. Mishra asks her to come over. Mehri decides to leave right away. I will come back to do the rest of the cleaning.
Tiwari ji parks his scooter outside Chaturvedi House. Ganga gets tensed as she hasn’t memorised the poem yet. How will I impress him? Yash shouldn’t have played the song so loud. Master ji will get upset. He will refuse to teach me!
Tiwar ji is still upset with Ganga when he enters. Let’s go to study. He begins to go upstairs when his feet stumble. He slips from the stairs. Ganga looks at him wide eyed.
Tiwar ji is still upset with Ganga when he enters. Let’s go to study. He begins to go upstairs when his feet stumble. He slips from the stairs. Ganga looks at him wide eyed. She rushes to him. He is badly hurt and winces in pain. She helps him in sitting. His foot is bleeding. She removes his sandal. He tells her to call someone. Ganga calls out for everyone but there is no one at house. She goes to bring Sagar. He has locked his room. The volume is very high so he cannot listen to her calling out for him. Tiwari ji calls out for her again. She tells him that no one is home. He is unable to move. I must go to hospital. Can I get a cloth to tie around my foot? She runs and grabs a dupatta. She stops him from tying the cloth. The bone has been hurt. Your leg is all blue. He asks her how she knows. She replies that she knows. She recalls her Bappa tending to someone. A guy had got hurt. He had realised the same thing. the leg is all blue. His bone must be hurt. He had tied wooden sticks next to the wound so the bone stands upright. She runs upstairs to get some sticks. She takes Sagar’s cricket pads and heads downstairs. She very carefully places Master ji’s wounded leg between both and then ties them. He is in very much pain. She also brings his glasses. Next she goes to call a rickshaw. Ganga helps Master ji in walking. The rickshaw puller also helps them. Ganga tells the rickshaw driver to drive really carefully. Avoid potholes. She runs in the front and guides them. Tiwari ji looks at her gratefully.
Amma ji and everyone return home. They are discussing about the puja. Prabha still feels that it is impossible to have peace in the house till Ganga is here.
Sagar is scolding Yash. Who took the stuff out of my cricket kit? Everyone hears him shouting. They head upstairs. Maharaj ji and Mehri return just then. They both bicker with each other over their important works. Yash asks about Ganga. She only takes Sagar’s stuff. I have seen her earlier taking your kit. Madhvi wonders why she would do so. Yash calls it revenge. Sagar adds that they were listening music on high volume. She was not able to concentrate on studies. Prabha tells Amma ji not to spare Ganga if she has really done it this time. Madhvi is not so sure Ganga is behind it.
Ganga enters with the cricket pads. They all see her. Yash calls her a thief. Sagar scolds Ganga for ruining his cricket pads. Madhvi tells him not to shout so much. You can ask calmly. She asks Ganga. Yash insists that she stole them to take revenge from Sagar. Ganga declines. Prabha points out that she only had taken those pads. Omkar also says that Ganga can only create loss / problems. Niru enters just then. Sagar complains to him against Ganga. Tiwari ji walks inside just then. I will tell you. Everyone is taken aback to see him walking with the help of a stick. Ganga is not at fault. Niru asks about his foot. Tiwari ji says anything could have happened but Ganga saved me. He tells the entire incident in mute. I had no idea she could be so smart. Doctors were also praising her. People forget everything in problems but this girl saved me with her smartness. I would have been in big problem otherwise. He tells Sagar that he should be proud of his friend. Niru looks at Ganga. Tiwari ji thanks Ganga for saving him. I don’t know what would have happened to me. Niru tells Ganga that he is proud of her. I knew you were smart. Everyone else is looking at them wide eyed. Tiwari ji agrees to teach Ganga happily. I can never forget her favour. I will surely teach her. Ganga gets happy. Niru agrees to send Ganga to Tiwari ji’s house from tomorrow. Tiwari ji wants to come over every day. Niru pats Ganga’s cheek sweetly. He tells Madhvi to make tea for Master ji.
Ganga walks up to Sagar. Now you know I dint steal. Sagar has nothing to say. He goes upstairs.
Next morning, Amma ji wakes up. She finds Ganga studying already. Tiwari ji comes to teach her. She starts studying well. Sagar peeks from the door. Ganga does sums correctly. Sagar feels good when Master ji applauds her. Niru passes by Amma ji’s room. He finds Ganga sleeping with the books next to her. He carefully takes it and keeps it aside. He covers her with duvet and caresses her head. He covers the curtains as the sunrays are falling on her face.
Ganga studies hard day and night. She is loudly memorising the tables. Amma ji scolds her fort studying all the time. She sends Ganga to wash clothes. Ganga is memorising an English rhyme while washing clothes. Sagar stands there with a smile while hearing her memorising it. He straightens his face when Ganga turns. She looks at him but he walks away.
Ganga completes her work without any mistake. Her hand writing has also improved. Niru asks about her progress. Tiwari ji talks all positive about her. She can write English a little better. She can solve maths sums too. Niru appreciates both of them. Ganga has been toiling hard day and night. I have been observing her. Ganga asks Master ji if she is ready to give entrance exam. Master ji denies.
Precap: Ganga asks Sagar for his laptop. I will take good care of it. He declines. It is very expensive. They both bicker.

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