Gangaa Episode 7–8 Update on Monday 15th January 2018

Maharaj ji comes to wake up Ganga but she is not in her bed. He calls out for her, wondering if she went to take bath before him. I had told her against it yet she went. He tells the same to the maid but she tells him that Ganga is not there too. They both start looking for her in the entire house. Madhvi and Amma ji hear the noise. Amma ji checks with Niranjan but Ganga is not there too. He gets worried. Amma ji thinks if Ganga has run away. No one is able to find her anywhere. Niranjan asks everyone if anyone said anything to her. They all deny. Amma ji says it is a double trouble, whether she stays here or runs away. this world is not safe. Maharaj ji remarks that Ganga may have found someone else who would have shown pity on her. why would she be concerned with you? Maid too calls Ganga naughty. She couldn’t sit at one place for long. Niranjan goes out to find her as she might be in some trouble.
Sagar wakes up and asks for Ganga. I want to play with her. Maid tells him that Ganga has left but Amma ji tells her to be quiet. Sagar is hyper now. I had told you mom that she will go away if I sleep. Who will I play with now? I want to play with her. Amma ji assures him that Ganga is coming back soon. Sagar insists on playing with Ganga right away. Madhvi reminds him that he has to go to school. Amma ji gives him some money to enjoy his favourite kulfi.
Outside, Niranjan asks passerbys about Ganga but no one has seen her. Sagar tells his mother that he will play with Ganga once he is back from school. She nods. He is all set to leave for school when Amma ji comes there. You will see my game today as well, right? I will hit 4 and 6 and will make that Ganga run a lot. Amma ji agrees. Madhvi goes to pack his lunch and Amma ji takes him with her so he can eat breakfast.
Madhvi calls out for the maid but she is irked that she is not able to get even a minute of peace here. She is cleaning Madhvi’s room when she noticesthe pendant on the table. She immediately picks it up, hides it under a towel when Madhvi comes there. Maid hides the pendant once Madhvi leaves from there.
Niranjan continues to look for Ganga everywhere. Raghav ji finds him. He tells Niranjan to come with him.
Madhvi is happy that Sagar dint ask them many questions about Ganga and left for school or he wouldn’t have gone otherwise. Amma ji is tensed thinking what he will do when he returns from school and Ganga is still not home. Maid talks against Ganga. She was staring at everything in the house like anything. Amma ji tells her to continue to look for Ganga. What if she is hiding in the house only like last time? She tells Madhvi to check her room carefully. What if she would have taken something with her? Madhvi doesn’t feel that Ganga can do something like that but Maid adds fuel to the fire. She had stolen Sagar’s chocolate yesterday. Amma ji gets angry. She sends everyone to do the work that she has told them to do. It will be a problem once Sagar returns home. Pulkit comes home. He too has no clue about Ganga. Amma ji wonders where this girl has disappeared.
Raghav ji brings Niranjan to the Ghaat. Government has made arrangements for collective last rites of the deceased. Ganga is looking for her Bappa in these dead bodies since morning. They both notice Ganga looking at every dead body to find her Bappa. Ganga notices the hand of a body holding a banglein his hand. Ganga moves closer to that body. She recalls seeing her Bappa buying bangles for her at the Ghaat last time. She takes the bangles from his hand. Wind blows the white cover from over the dead body and Ganga cries for her Bappa. Raghav ji covers the body again while Niranjan comfortsGanga.
Madhvi gives some money to Pulkit so he can go to court and ask his father about Ganga. I am really worried. He leaves. Madhvi wears her jewellery as Amma ji will not like it. Madhvi is looking for her pendant but cannot find it anywhere. I had kept it on the dressing table only at night. Her MIL scolds her. the maid puts doubt on Ganga. Is this why she disappeared? Amma ji agrees. Surely that girl has stolen it and she has gone away because she knew she might get caught. Madhvi doesn’t feel so but Amma ji stays put. She had every facility here. This is the reason why she left. Madhvi takes Ganga’s side but Amma ji tells her to be quiet. I knew this was what was going to happen. She can fool all of you but not me. I could understand it in one glance only that the girl is a thief. Pulkit returns home. Madhvi cannot believe is that Ganga can steal. Why would have she returned it the other day if she really wanted to steal it? Amma ji sticks to her ground. I feel pity on you. Sagar comes home as well. Why is Dadi angry? Why is she scolding mom? Amma ji tells them to call police to register a report against Ganga. Call Niranjan to tell him that Ganga has run away. Sagar is taken aback. But you said she will be back once I return from school! Amma ji tells him that that was what she had thought too but she stole your mom’s locket. Sagar is surprised. She is so young. Maid continues to instigate everyone against Ganga. Sagar runs upstairs to check his toys. Pulkit shakes his head in disbelief.
Sagar’s toys are intact. Madhvi suggests Amma ji not to create doubts in the mind of little kid. Amma ji calls it being careful. You are careless and forget where you keep your stuff. We can atleast teach the kids this much.
Ganga remembers playing with her Bappa at her home, his showering his love on her all the time as she looks at the pyre. Pandit brings the pot as per the ritual but doesn’t give it to Ganga as she is a girl. Girls don’t do last rites. This is the right of a son. Niranjan tells him that she is the only child (daughter / son) of her Bappa. Let her do it. Pandit refuses to go against the scriptures. Call any relative but a girl wont do it. He suggests Niranjan to do it if there is no one else. Niranjan says I too respect scriptures and dharma but I don’t believe in sticking to it like anything. Will this man’s soul be at peace if a stranger does his last rites? Will he be refused the last rites if he has no son? This is injustice. We cannot call ourselves human if we are not able to give respect to the departed ones. Make Ganga do all the rituals. I don’t see any adharma in it.
Ganga carries the pot of water on her shoulder as she takes a round around the pyre.

She drops it on the ground and lights the pyre next. Ganga recalls her happier times with her Bappa.

Ganga returns home with Niranjan and Raghav ji. A man greets Niranjan. He wants his sign on some papers. Niranjan tells Raghav ji to take Ganga inside.
Amma and everyone is shocked to see Ganga. Sagar is relieved / angry. Who would play with me otherwise? Maid asks Raghav ji if Ganga was trying to leave the city. Sagar asks Ganga if she will run away again. Amma ji interrupts him. She tells the maid to check Ganga. Madhvi’s pendant is missing. Ganga would have taken it with her. Raghav ji denies but Amma ji insists. Maid checks Ganga. Maharaj ji repeats Ganga’s words and even calls her a thief. Maid finds nothing with Ganga. She might have sold it by now. Such people are very smart. They wont carry stolen stuff with them. Raghav ji tries to say something but Amma ji stops him. She tells Madhvi to ask Ganga as it was her locket. Madhvi politely asks Ganga about the locket.
Niranjan enters. Sagar tells him that everyone thinks that Ganga has stolen mom’s locket. Niranjan is taken aback. Maid checked her as well but found nothing. Niranjan scolds everyone. Can you not see her condition? She is sad. Instead of asking her about her whereabouts you all are accusing her for theft? She had gone to do the last rites of her father. Amma ji notices the kalash (of ashes) in his hands. You can check her one more time if you want but you wont find anything except the pain that she has got after losing her father. He gives the kalash to Ganga. Keep it with you carefully. One has to bathe after doing the last rites of anyone. Ganga takes the kalash with her inside. They all look at her sadly.
Pulkit’s friend calls out to him from downstairs to get some CDs. Pulkit gives him the CDs. He notices Sagar all sad. Sagar feels bad for his toy (Ganga). Dadi scolded her so much. I am feeling really bad for her. Pulkit nods. She has been through so much. She would be feeling so bad. But Dadi never understands anything. Madhvi says it all happened because of my locket. Dadi wouldn’t have doubted on Ganga if that locket was not missing. It is all my fault. I should have kept quiet. Pulkit denies. you are not at fault. Please don’t blame yourself. Madhvi too is sad to see Ganga thus. Ganga had gone to do her father’s last rites but we just bombarded her with questions. Sagar wonders why Ganga is sad. People die only. My teacher says everyone dies one day. Dadu too died yet Dadi stays happy. Madhvi shushes him. don’t say that. Amma ji never shows it but everyone feels the pain. Its been so many years that your Dadu has left us but both your Dadi and Papa miss him. Sagar says it may be, but I haven’t seen either of them as sadder as Ganga is. Pulkit makes him understand. Ganga’s father has just died while Dadu had died long time back. You were not there back then and you don’t know how Dadi and Papa would have felt. Ganga has no one, no mother, father or family. She is all alone. You feel bad when no one plays with you. you cry the whole day when you lose a toy. Everyone in the house panics when you are hurt. But there is no one for or with Ganga, to take care of her or to wipe her tears; telling her not to cry. She is bound to be sad then. Sagar is in thoughts.
Ganga is standing at the terrace, still holding the kalash in her hands as she looks at the river. Sagar comes there. What are you doing alone here? Let’s play. She declines. I am not feeling like it. He knows that she is sad that she has no one. But how can you be alone when I am with you? Ganga looks at him. He gives her a lollipop. She smiles after eating it. Sagar too is happy to see her happy.
Ganga sleeps holding the bangles. Next morning, someone gargles. Ganga wakes up thinking that it is her Bappa but it turns out to be Maharaj ji. He understands that she is missing her Bappa. She shakes her head. he notices the kalash beside her pillow. He picks up her bedding. You will have to do it yourself from tomorrow onwards. She keeps the bangles and starts to fold the blanket to help him while he is still talking. He is rendered speechless by that simple act of hers.
Madhvi wakes up Sagar as it is getting late for school. Pulkit and Sagar fight cutely as Pulkit too helps her mom to wake up Sagar. Pulkit says no one has put toothbrush on my brush ever for me. I would have not spared you if you weren’t a special child. He suddenly realises his mistake and goes quiet. Sagar asks him why he called him special. Madhvi diverts his attention. Sagar goes to get ready. Madhvi advises him to make sure Sagar never gets to know about it. Pulkit nods.
Maid gives tea to Niranjan. Madhvi tells Maharaj ji to set the table as Amma ji must be returning after her Ganga snan. Amma ji returns just then, muttering about the growing number of drug addicts, beggars and everything. The times have changed. Maharaj ji agrees with her. Niranjan and Madhvi smile hearing their convo.
Sagar greets his Dadi. She gives him batashe (like every other day). Sagar immediately looks at Ganga. And for Ganga? Amma ji calls Ganga. She is about to give them to her but gets to know that Ganga has not yet taken bath. I will give you after you take bath. Do you have clothes to change? Ganga shakes her head. Amma ji takes Ganga with her. Sagar looks at Ganga as she leaves. Ganga too turns to look at him. He signals her that he is keeping a batasha for her and will give her later. Ganga smiles.
Amma ji makes Ganga stand outside the door of her room only. She finds a white dhoti and gives it to Ganga. This is the house of Brahmins. No one even steps in the kitchen or even puja ghar without taking a bath. Widows have to have a lot of patience. Their living, eating habits are all to be followed strictly as per the rules. They cannot eat once the sun sets. This is written in the scriptures. Ganga nods her head. Amma ji asks her if she is really understanding it or just shaking her head. Ganga honestly replies that she is able to understand a little, not everything. Amma ji feels it is just like hitting your head with a stone. Go and take bath. Clean the bathroom properly afterwards. GAnga leaves.
Madhvi tells Niranjan that it is their aunt’s grandson’s birthday next week. What to gift him? Niranjan is talking to Raghav ji on phone. He gives some money to Madhvi but she denies. He has no clue about gift. I am not sure if I can come with you. take Amma ji with you. Madhvi says Amma ji never goes anywhere. What’s the point of going alone? Niranjan doesn’t feel comfortable with all the relatives surrounding him.
A lady (Prabha) reaches Chaturvedi House. She goes inside with a kid (Prince). She pays lesser amount to the rickshaw driver but he asks for his money. She walks back to where the driver is and looks at him.
Precap: Prabha tells Amma ji that thieves send kids in houses these days. They enter in the house as a servant but then leak all the inside info to their gang. Stealing starts then. They even kill elders of the house sometimes. Ganga is hearing everything from a distance.

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