Gangaa Episode 59–60 Update on Tuesday 20th February 2018

Niranjan looks at him angrily. He holds out the rope before Omkar. Was Ganga right? Did you really try to run away? Why? There must be some reason or someone will not come looking for you like that. Omkar starts crying. Niranjan is surprised.
Omkar tells the elders that he had a loss in business. My partner ran away. Suman was unwell. I had to take a loan. Those people dint use to spare me anywhere. I don’t share my problems with anyone. I dint even share it with Suman. I couldn’t save her even after spending lacs of money. I was embarrassed so I couldn’t tell anyone. how could I tell you that your SIL is not capable enough to get his wife treated? I couldn’t make his wife happy and neither am I capable of giving a good life to my daughter. Amma ji tells him not to give up in life. He offers to help Omkar. I will do as much as I can. We don’t have to hide our faces from anyone. pay them back. We have to get Babli married too. OMkar refuses to take monetary help from his in-laws. I love my self respect. Omkar begins to go but Niranjan stops him. Take it as a loan. You can return it to me when you get money. Omkar agrees. I am only taking it as a loan. I will return it as soon as I get money. Amma ji also agrees with his condition. She is awed by his good characteristics. Omkar talks about something that is still left to be done. That girl was right. I want to apologize to her. Amma ji is not interested but he insists. They all go to talk to Ganga. She is sitting in a far corner.
I have hurt her so I want to apologize to her alone. Madhvi is tensed but Niranjan nods. Omkar walks up to her all by himself. Niranjan tries to tell Niranjan that the entire situation looks weird to her. I don’t like it so much with the way you are ready to help Omkar ji. He knows that she has never stopped him for helping anyone. why are you stopping me to help Bhai sahab? Madhvi cannot give him any definite answer. Niranjan feels that omkar is changing. He is going to apologize to the girl he used to hate.
Omkar glares at Ganga. He holds her by her shoulders very tightly and pins her to a wall. She tries to break free but he holds her tight. You are trying to ruin me? You are trying to ruin my game? I was ignoring all your rubbish till now but I wont spare you if you don’t back off from my way. She refuses to be scared. My Bappa used to say that honest people never lie or get scared. Babu stood his ground before the goons while you ran away. You are not brave enough. He too continues to threaten her. I have seen many like you but you would not have ever come across anyone like me. I am warning you. You have no idea what you are getting into! It will be better if you stay out of my way! He walks off.
Next morning, Niranjan writes a cheque for Omkar. Omkar will be able to pay one instalment with this much amount. We will see the rest later. You will have to take it back for sure. I will pay it back as soon as my work resumes. Niranjan nods. Omkar goes to drop the cheque in bank when Madhvi ask niranjan if he will not register a case. Niranjan says the issue is clear now. What’s the point of doing it now? Omkar agrees. He goes out of the room.
Ganga complains to maid as she hasn’t washed it nicely. She asks for Maharaj ji’s help in ironing her saree. Maid asks her where is she going today. Ganga is excited to go to Sagar’s school today to see his play. Maid again calls her maid but Ganga tells her that she is Sagar’s friend. This is why he got an extra ticket especially for me. Maharaj ji asks her if she is sure the extra ticket is for her. Ganga affirms. There cannot be anyone else. Omkar smirks hearing the same.
Madhvi gets Sagar ready. He asks her about the goons who had come yesterday. Did Fufa ji really ran away from them? She suggests him not to talk in others’ matters. She goes to see if Niranjan is ready or not. Omkar enters just then but she doesn’t even look at him or talk to him.
Omkar compliments Sagar on his look. Sagar excitedly says some of his dialogues before him. Omkar says I too wanted to see you on stage. But you only have 4 tickets. Sagar corrects him. I have 5 tickets. I was thinking of asking Ganga. Omkar instigates Sagar against bringing Ganga to his school. She doesn’t dress properly, talks weirdly. Will it not look weird if she will be sitting amidst all the big people? She is living on your family’s pity after all. Your friends will mock you. Sagar thinks and then agrees. My friends will surely mock me.
Ganga gets ready to go to Sagar’s school.

She asks Amma ji if she is ready. I too am ready. I am also going to see Sagar’s play. Sagar has got that extra ticket for me only. Omkar comes to tell Amma ji that Sagar is asking him to accompany me. he has given his 5th invitation card to me. I cannot hurt him. I too will come along. Amma ji gets happy. Sagar loves you a lot. It is good that he gave that invitation to you. The elders leave. Sagar turns to Ganga. Fufa ji is our guest. We cannot leave him behind like this. don’t worry I will share everything with you once I am home. She gets sad. I would have loved it if you too would have come but only 5 people can come. He leaves.

Niranjan and everyone get ready to go. Niranjan wants Babli to come along but Omkar doesn’t want it. Amma ji says her alliance has been fixed so we should not take her to many places. They all leave. Babli heads upstairs.
Maid taunts Ganga. You were so excited since morning. But now you are at home. Maharaj ji scolds her for troubling the little girl. Ganga defends Sagar. Amma ji and her SIL made Sagar change his mind. Sagar is not at fault. He is so good. Maid asks her what she will do now. Ganga runs out of the house. I will surely watch Sagar’s play. Maharaj ji is tensed for her. She will be really hurt one day. She doesn’t even listen to anyone else.
Everyone takes their seats in the school auditorium. Ganga too reaches Sagar’s school. She gets happy seeing kids coming wiht their parents. It is so beautifully decorated. The kids come in big cars. This was never the case with my school back in village. She hides behind a car when she notices a guard. She starts walking along with the car as it moves.
The play starts. Ganga looks at kids playing badminton. What game is this? It looks like fun. She notices lot many trophies kept in a big box. She begins to go towards it when she almost collides with two boys. They talk to her in English. They mock at her when she talks in hindi to them. Ganga goes upstairs. Kids stop Ganga from entering inside the auditorium as she doesn’t have a pass. She requests him but in vain. She gets another idea.
Amma ji gets up excitedly when Sagar appears on stage. Madhvi and Niranjan have to make her sit. They enjoy the play. Sagar is saying his dialogues really well.
Ganga reaches backstage. She too watches the Sagar. Prabha also claps excitedly when her son says a dialogue. Sagar forgets his dialogue in the middle of the play. Everyone gets tensed. Ganga says the dialogues in lower tones. Sagar can overhear her. He says them well. The play finishes off nicely. Everyone claps for the kids. Ganga too is happy.
Ganga congratulates Sagar for his performance. He gives no reply. Shruti too comes to call him. Sagar will announce best actor’s name now. He leaves with her. He refuses to acknowledge Ganga in front of Shruti. I don’t know her. Ganga wonders what has happened to Sagar. He dint even talk to me. Principal praises the play and all the participants. He announces Sagar’s name as the best actor. He was a little hesitant initially but then lived his role perfectly. Sagar’s family feels proud of their son’s achievement. Sagar thanks his teachers, principal, parents and Dadi. They have helped me a lot. I want to say a special thanks to a girl who has helped me a lot. I wouldn’t have been able to do my role nicely if she wasn’t there. She has helped me in studies too. She encourages me to study when I don’t do so. She is my best friend. Ganga thinks that Sagar is about to take her name before everyone but she is proved wrong. Sagar takes Shrutii’s name. Ganga is heartbroken. Sagar too notices her thus but he thanks Shruti once again for helping him in rehearsals.
Ganga sadly recalls Sagar’s words. Ganga is sitting in a corner when the Guard spots her. She thinks of the instances when he had given her the credit for making the crown and sword for him before his family members. She tries to break free but he drags her to the principal room. Tell him what did you come here to steal!
Guard brings Ganga to the Principal room. He and a lady teacher ask her a lot of questions. She takes Sagar’s name.
Sagar returns home. He shows his trophy to Babli. The family members are very proud of his acting and also of his scores in exams. Pulkit is not home yet. Niranjan wants to know his result.
Pulkit’s result is 40%. He is scared to go home. His friends suggest him to get a fake mark sheet. Pulkit initially calls it cheating but his friends assure him that it wont look fake. You will have to spend a little money though. Pulkit agrees in the end.
In his room, Sagar eyes the trophy sadly. He thinks of what all Ganga has done for him (how she has helped him before and during the play). I should show it to Ganga too. She helped me a lot. I dint get time to talk to her after the function. she will get happy to see it. He stops when he thinks of Omkar’s words. Fufa ji is right. Ganga is not our family member. I have already thanked her. why should I do anything else? I got the award because of my good acting, and not her!
Precap: Ganga holds Sagar’s hand. I want to talk to you. he shakes her hand off and walks away.

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