Gangaa Episode 51–52 Update on Wednesday 14th February 2018

Niranjan gives an admission form to Ganga to fill. He tells her what all she has to fill where. She is tensed thinking that she will have to write everything. He nods. Fill it so Raghav ji can submit it tomorrow. Fill this much and I will fill the rest. Ganga looks at the form.
The kids enjoy chaat. Sagar finds it spicy. Drishti (Bubbly) and Pulkit tease him more about it. Bubbly’s father brings a plate of chaat for Amma ji. She politely refuses to eat anything after evening time. He is impressed with her dedication. She says it isn’t easy. Niranjan is completely foreign from his mentality. He has brought that widow girl home and is making arrangements so she can study. Her SIL is surprised. Amma ji talks against Ganga. She is already so stubborn. Will she listen to anyone at all if she learns to read and write?
Ganga has filled the form in her style (reverse letters). Niranjan asks her about it. Tell me honestly, what have you learnt from Master ji? You know a little bit, right? Recite what he teaches you every day. Ganga recites Hanuman Chalisa. Niranjan is shocked.
Amma ji continues to talk against Ganga. Niranjan was thinking of sending her to school. What will she study there except science, maths, etc? I made up my mind against it. teach her all scriptures at home. I scared her and then misguided Niranjan a little. I explained things to her Master ji as well. I have taken responsibility of her today. Thankfully, she recites Ramcharitmanas’s shlokas so beautifully that it touches your heart. Her SIL is impressed. You did a very good job. The girl’s life will change for better.
Niranjan finds out the truth. This means Amma ji has told Master ji to teach you scriptures instead of course books. I have given her your responsibility. I made a very big mistake. You wanted to complain to me regarding Amma ji, right? Tell me what it is. Tell me what she has done. Don’t be scared. Ganga relates everything to him. I made a very big mistake. I lied to you, to Master ji to avoid studies. I lied and it is a sin. You can punish me but please don’t be upset with me. Niranjan gets up angrily and walks out of his room.
The kids enjoy chaat. Pulkit notices one of his acquaintance Varun bhaiya. The boys talk to him. They also introduce him to their sister. Pulkit pulls him to eat some snacks. Varun has to go watch movie with his friends but agrees when the kids request him. They get into a golgappa competition. Sagar’s uncle goes to pay the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper has mistakenly exchanged Bubblys’s golgappa with Varun’s. Varun tells her not to eat it as it is very spicy. He extends his hand to take it from her. Bubbly’s father looks at them from a distance. Varun takes the golgappa from Bubbly’s hand. Bubbly’s father angrily calls out for her. The kids are scared. Bubbly goes to sit in the car. Sagar and Pulkit introduce their uncle to Varun. He sends them towards the car too. He next warns Varun not to come near his daughter or he wont spare him. He pays the vendor. Amma ji notices the fearful expression on Bubbly’s face. Her SIL scolds the kids to sit inside right away. They oblige.
Everyone is quiet as they return home. Madhvi asks them to freshen up so they can eat. Bubbly’s father says I will eat later. He leaves. Amma ji tells Bubbly not to be worried. He is your father after all. He just doesn’t like it when a boy and a girl talk like that. Sagar begins to share it with Madhvi but Amma ji stops him. He sends the kids to go and study for their exam tomorrow. Madhvi assures Bubbly that she can explain her point to her father a while later. Amma ji nods. He is the father of a girl so he is bound to worry for you. We are all here don’t worry!
Amma ji comes to her room while saying a shloka. Niranjan completes it for her. She is surprised to see him sitting in the dark. He speaks a lot many chaupaiyan too. you only had taught me these. I was a kid but you had told me that it is important to know about your culture / scriptures. Education is nothing without it. I remember everything that you have taught me. I never forgot it even I went to abroad. I am proud of our culture but I am equally proud of my education because of which I have become a famous and a good lawyer like my father. You never stopped me as you knew the importance of modern education in today’s time. You believe in it, right? She is confused as to why he is saying all this. He replies that she has played with Ganga’s life even after knowing everything. Truth is, I trusted you regarding her studies. I thought you wont do injustice with her but! Amma ji talks about all the excuses that Ganga had made just to be excused from studies. Niranjan wonders why she let Ganga do it. what would you have done if it was Sagar in her place? She points out that Sagar is a boy and Ganga is a girl so they are not to be compared. Plus she is a widow. What will she do by studying? He asks her how Ganga will sustain herself without education. She reasons that this is why she has made sure that Ganga learns all the scriptures. He asks her if she wants Ganga to also live on other people’s pity like Sudha and other ladies in the widow ashram! Do you want her to live a life like that? Amma ji calls it Ganga’s destiny. the world has not changed. I haven’t done anything that Ganga dint want to. She dint even want to study. Call her and ask her about it. I will do whatever you say if she says that I am stopping her from studying. He cannot understand who has hurt him more today – Ganga or Amma ji! She doesn’t understand what she is depriving herself from and you know its importance yet you are keeping her away from it all! He leaves from there. Amma ji thinks of Sudha’s words.
Ganga requests Niranjan not to be upset with her. You can punish me but please don’t be upset with me! He walks away without saying anything to her.
Niranjan’s words echo in Amma ji’s mind. Ganga notices her thus. She spreads her bedding. Amma ji tells her to go away as all this has happened because of her. My son said so much to me because of you. He has hurt me so much. I will never forgive you for this. Go away! Ganga sadly leaves.
Ganga comes to Sagar and Pulkit’s room. She asks Sagar to talk to her. No one is talking to me. He has exam tomorrow and wants to concentrate on his studies today. Please let me study. She gets sad.
Babli’s father tells Niranjan not to interfere in this matter (Babli’s marriage). I will take care of her future my way. He leaves. Amma ji finds his logic right. A father will worry for his motherless child for sure. It may be that Babli’s in-laws will allow her to study after marriage. This way their wishes will be fulfilled. Niranjan asks her what if Babli’s MIL is also an old school. There is no dearth for such people like some people think that widows have no right to study. I am saddened by their backward thinking. Yesterday it was Ganga, today it is Drishti and tomorrow it will be another innocent girl! If this continues then the future will not be saved.
Drishti cries in her room. Madhvi comes there and comforts her. your Mama ji is talking to your father. Everything will be fine. Drishti knows her father well. He wont listen to anyone if he has decided upon something. My engineering will remain a dream only. Madhvi comforts her as she cries.
Maharaj ji gives sweets to Ganga. Maid too wants some. He has already kept some for her in the kitchen.
Amma ji is talking to her SIL. You are right but the girl should be ready mentally too. It is good if she agrees happily. He says this is why I have come here. There is no elder back home so I have brought her here. Amma ji agrees to handle everything. I will make all the preps. He confirms that the groom is coming in the evening.
Amma ji orders Maharaj ji to get snacks for the guests. Maid excitedly asks for double sweets. Amma ji tells her to focus on her work first. Amma ji calls out for Madhvi. Ganga gets excited about Drishti’s wedding.
Madhvi talks to Drishti. You should not be upset. Maybe something good will happen. Amma ji calls out for Madhvi again. She makes Drishti smile before leaving from the room. Ganga comes running there. She happily tells Babli that this is a good news. You will get loads of new clothes, ornaments, bangles to wear. You must be happy! Babli starts crying which confuses Ganga. Are you sad that you are leaving your Bappa? I too had cried a lot. Babli shakes her head. Ganga again asks her if she is worried about becoming a widow. Babli shushes her. Ganga tells her not to cry or be scared of anyone. Don’t go for Sankrant snan even if everyone tells you to. You wont become a widow then. Babli gets emotional again. She is very scared. Ganga thinks of Sagar’s words. Hold my hand and then you wont be scared anymore. She keeps Babli’s hand in hers. Babli smiles. Ganga finds her hand too cool. Babli calls her her friend. Ganga asks her if someone holds your hand in pain then does that make him our friend? Babli explains that if someone holds our hand in pain, troubles and sticks by our side, come what may then, he is our friend. Ganga happily thinks that Sagar is also his friend in that case. A good and best friend!
Amma ji selects a saree and matching jewellery for Babli to wear in the evening. Prabha comes there shouting on the top of her voice. She has brought something for them. Amma ji tells her to give it to Maharaj ji. Go home. We are very busy today. Prabha looks at the clothes and jewellery and is tempted. She wants to stay back to help them. Amma ji is alert again as she cannot trust Prabha fully. She also tells Madhvi to keep ganga away from the guests.
Maid scolds Ganga for dirtying the clean floor again. Ganga is coming from Sagar’s room. Ganga refers to him as her friend. Maid tells her not to live in this misunderstanding. He would have just said it for the sake of it. Ask him again and you will find out the truth for yourself. They both bicker. Maharaj ji interrupts them. Sagar and Pulkit return home dead tired and hungry. Pulkit runs upstairs to his room to prepare for the next exam. Maid tells Ganga to confirm with Sagar. Ganga follows Sagar to his room.
Sagar is cross checking his answers. Ganga comes to talk to him but he tells her to talk later. He matches his answers. He counts his score to 96. Pulkit only hopes for passing marks. Niranjan calls out for both of them. Pulkit goes to hide in the washroom. He tells Sagar to tell papa the same. Sagar tells his papa about his small mistakes. He has left one question. Niranjan explains the answer (about moon revolves around earth) to him. Sagar calls them Ganga (moon) and Dadi (earth). Dadi is heavy so Ganga revolves around her. She always wins as she is elder to Ganga. Ganga tries at times to make Dadi revolve around her sometimes but it never happens as she is young. Niranjanis amused by his interpretation. It maybe that they both bicker and fight all the time but maybe in future they both start understanding each other. Nothing is impossible. Sagar too hopes for the same. Ganga has been listening to everything with amusement. Sagar runs after his father.
Maid was almost about to collide with Ganga. Ganga tells her that I am no maid. Sagar calls me moon. Maid is not ready to buy her theory. She points out to the difference between their statuses. Ganga gives up as she knows it is no point explaining anything to her. Ganga takes milk for Sagar. I will do all his work from today onwards as he is my friend. Maharaj ji gives the tray to her hesitantly.
Madhvi readies Babli. Babli asks Amma ji if this marriage thing is really important. Amma ji nods. My eyes are waiting to see you dressed as a bride. She goes out to check the preps.
Sagar wonders why Dadi is shouting so much. She is disturbing him. Ganga tells him about groom coming to see Babli. Maid explains the ritual to him. Sagar calls it an exam. Ganga asks her if it isn’t an exam for guys. She declines. Sagar too calls it unfair. The guys too should give test. Maid tells Ganga to come out and not disturb Sagar. Sagar tells her to let Ganga stay here. She isn’t troubling me. Maid leaves. Sagar thinks about Babli’s groom. She is good so he should be good too. Ganga thinks how they will get to know that he is good too.

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