Galamsey queen exposed

An aide to Aisha Huang, the Chinese lady believed to be an illegal mining queen in the country, has made shocking revelations about her former boss’ mind-blowing activities, which had been kept as a top secret until now.

According to him, Aisha was a dyed-in-the-wool member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) so she did everything possible to help the NDC retain political power in 2016 but to no avail.

The aide, who only gave his name as Kwadwo, alleged that Aisha made massive financial contributions, which were geared towards helping the NDC to hang onto political power at all cost during the last polls.

NDC T-Shirts

“She loves the NDC with passion and I am aware that Aisha supported the party with a lot of money and other items. She printed NDC t-shirts as her own way of helping the NDC to win the last elections.

“Aisha printed over 5,000 NDC t-shirts and she distributed them to the party ahead of the elections. Some of the t-shirts were printed in some printing houses at Kaase and KTI, both suburbs in Kumasi.

NDC Gurus

Kwadwo, who was speaking in an interview with Kwame Adinkra of Abusua FM in Kumasi, disclosed that several top NDC members in the country frequently visited Aisha in her house in Kumasi for some discussions, some of which bordered on business.

“The NDC kingpins used to come to Aisha’s house at Nhyiaeso and they still visited her even when she moved to a different house at Atinga Junction in Ahodwo,” Kwadwo, who claimed to be Aisha’s ex-house boy, said.

He claimed Aisha usually dished out huge amounts of money to the so-called top men in the country that visited her home, adding that he was not surprised that Aisha usually had a leeway in all her activities.

Nana Insults

According to him, the expatriate abhors the New Patriotic Party (NPP), especially President Akufo-Addo so much that “she sacked me because she said I voted for that short man,” apparently referring to Nana Akufo-Addo.

Kwadwo noted that Aisha is a smart woman so the probability of her turning her back at the NDC and faking to be NPP sympathizer looks certain now that her beloved political party, the NDC, was in opposition.

“But for her arrest, she would have turned and acted like a strong NPP lady now. She is very smart and she knows how to pretend to get whatever she wants in life,” he remarked, adding that Aisha would bounce back strong if she is set free.

Galamsey Queen

Kwadwo, who worked as house boy for five years for the Chinese powerful lady, alleged that Aisha indeed indulged in illegal mining activities at a higher scale, thereby making a lot of money in the process.

He claimed Aisha was fond of setting up her colleague Chinese nationals in the country who are into illegal mining, alleging that “she will call for their arrest and then take over their mining equipment.”

Wild Dogs

Kwadwo also said Aisha has a lot of wild dogs in her house, who served as protection for her, noting that the expatriate also has guns, which she often fired into the air at night to scare away potential armed robbers.

He alleged that Aisha also boasts of several Ghanaian muscularly-built young men, who terrorize people that opposed her illegal businesses, especially ‘galamsey.’

According to him, Aisha also has a lot of pretty Chinese ladies around her, who she usually supplied to some of the Ghanaian big men that were very close to him, adding that Aisha wielded a lot of power until she was arrested.

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