Doli Armaano Ki Episode 272–273 Update on Tuesday 30th January 2018

Scene 1:
Location: Jhansi Court
ishaan says that niranjan is putting baseless accusations. Urmi says that she is being accused, as he was accused last time, and he is just taking revenge. The judge asks her to sit down. Niranjan says that there’s solid evidence, and produces the CD, and then gives it to the judge, much to samrat’s shock. samrat gets up and says that he cant watch it, as its his sister’s MMS. Ishaan takes this oppurtunity that this is all a drama, as a pretext to influence the judge. Samreat asks him to return the DVD. the judge asks that this isnt his office and asks him to stay in the limits. ishaan says that this is the real samrat, and its better that shaurya is in an orphanage, than be with him. Niranjan tries to clarify that samrat is emotionally traumatised, and pleads to him to calm down. Samrat says that the judge can give an answer even without seeing the clip. niranjan begs him to sit down, and asks the judge, to finish the matter asap. the judge inspects the clip, and it rusn out to be bhajans, while urmi is happy, and ishaan smirks at niranjan. the judge asks what nonsense is this, as there is no clip. samrat is shocked, as urmi eyes him sternly. the judge reprimands samrat whats this nonsense, and why are they wasting his time. Niranjan is at a loss of an answer, and he is warned that having called the special plea, for nothing, they are given a fine of 10000, and asks them to think again before doing anything stupid. samrat is fuming.
As gaurav, urmi and ishaan are discussing the hearing, samrat comes out angrily, and grabs urmi, asking how dare she lie and betray him like this. gaurav grabs him by the collar, and asks what he wants. Ishaan asks gaurav to let go, while samrat warns him tht he would set everything straight. ishaan reminds samrat that he is being watched, and hence he should behave. Samrat gets conscious, but still warns him that he would get everyone a lesson. urmi asks if he isnt happy, and why is he angry, as his respect got saved, and maybe she should really have made that MMS. ishann says that its unpredictable if he is happy or sad. Ishaan points out tauntingly that samrat’s ego is too much, and even more priced at the cost of his sister’s MMS. they all corner him. urmi asks how could he evn think that she make aditi’s MMS, and that she laments everyone along with him, saying that he would be the actor in his MMS, as he has no soul, and so respect either. She says that then he would have understood. they all leave, while samrat stands dejected and frustrated, outrageously angry.
Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Shashi receives a call, and is unable to control her laughter, much to everyone’s amusement. They ask her whats the matter. Shashi says that samrat has never respected them, and particularly her, but he got a good reply, telling about the fake MMS. rudra and kanchan are amused too. Rudra says that he knew urmi cant do something like this, and shashi is happy that urmi taught samrat a lesson. rudra reprimands her for being such a double standard woman. But shashi is beyond control. she starts bossing people around, while rudra laments at whats happening. He warns her of samrat’s anger, while she says that she isnt scared of samrat. kanchan points out the cameras, and shashi says that she doesnt care, and that she shall keep an eye too on samrat’s room, and what he does.
Scene 3:
Location: In a restaurant
Urmi and ishaan come to meet a prostitute, who is busy getting work, luring customers and giving them her number. They are tensed. The girl starts talking provocatively. Ishaan details the plan as to how she would have to lure samrat and then get him o a particular place. the girl demands double the amount, and half in advance. urmi says that its too much, while ishaan agrees, and the girl says that she shall start the job the minute the work begins. Urmi tries to negotiate and asks ishaan to rethink, but ishaan pays her the advance, and asks urmi to give her samrat’s pic, and urmi silently complies. Ishaan asks the girl to get to her job straightaway. meanwhile, gaurav calls ishaan, to say that samrat is in niranjan’s office, and would be out in sometime, and when he does, they should be prepared. ishaan complies.
Scene 4:
Location: Niranjan’s office
Niranjan angrily points out to samrat, that it was his fault, and his reputation is at stake, and that for the first time, he is mortified in the court, and reprimands him for what he did. samrat says that he also would have done the same had he been in his spot. Niranjan says that he isnt a lowlife like him, and samrat gets angry, and says that he is working since his lawyer isnt. He reminds niranjan of his tagline, and his promises, and then calms down, and asks him to think of a final solution to all this. niranjan starts thinking, and says that he got a fullproof solution, and samrat asks what. He says that this entire fight is due to shaurya’s custody. He then tells samrat, that if shaurya gives this statement in the court that he doesnt like living with urmi, and he doent love urmi and she isnt a good mother, and loves samrat and wants to stay with him, at any cost, then in two minutes, shaurya’s custody shall be his. samrat is tensed as he thinks how to make it possible. samrat says that he idolises shaurya, while niranjan asks him to take or resort to any means, but asks samrat to be sure, and then decide and tell him, as he doesnt want to be embarassed yet again in the court. The screen freezes on samrat’s tensed face.
Scene 1:

Location: On the road
While samrat is driving on the road, ranting out frustratedly as to how urmi has spoilt his life, he finds a lonely girl on the road, walking alone. But samrat remembers niranjan’s warning, and drives past, while Nidhi is shocked. He eyes the girl in the rearview mirror, who’s also seductively eyeing him. He tries hard to control himself, but finally is unable to, and stops the car. Nidhi smiles. Samrat says that niranjan is just being cautious and that nothing wont happen, and assures himself, that this would be all okay. He drives back, and Nidhi says that she has to go to city Club, for a party, and asks for a lift, and samrat readily agrees, eyeing her. they drive off. Nidhi introduces him, and he too complies. She thanks him profusely, saying that he helped her out in dire need. She stealthily draws his attention, to the white thighs, visible from her minidress, and in success. samrat compliments her, and adds that she should be careful, being so lonely, on deserted streets. she too flirts with him, calling him handsome, and continues to do her makeup, while samrat eyes the full luscious lips. She asks him if she is looking good, and he compliments her profusely. She continues to shamelessly flirt with him, and he asks where’s she going. she invites him too for the party, saying that she would keep him company, if he doesnt have any prior commitments. She asks if he is married, and he says that he is single, and happily unmarried, and she assures him that he would have loads of fun, that she assures. He agrees amusingly.

Scene 2:
Location: Sushma’s residence
All are playing Ludo with shaurya. All are amused. Shaurya recounts his time with samrat and his family. Urmi smiles, as shaurya tells lots of stories. urmi gets sad, when shaurya says that life with mandira was very exciting. Ishaan finds urmi tensed, and then excuses himself for water. He comes to urmi, who gets tensed, and asks whats she thinking. she points out how he misses samrat’s house, and wonders if she would be able to provide for him. He asks her not to worry, as he came back here on his own, and she didnt force him, and that a mother’s love is paramount to a child, and nothing else. She is assured. Ishaan distracts her and asks her to come along. He gets Nidhi’s message updating him. She says that the hearing should be as they have planned, and everything should normalise, thinking about shaurya.
Scene 3:
Location: At the party
As samrat gets casual, when he arrives at the party, and begins to party and infidel around, Nidhi thinks that samrat was an easy catch, and her work is much more easier. She places the camera hidden in the purse, on the table at a suitable angle, which records them both dancing seductively, with drinks in their hands. she asks him if he is enjoying the party, and he says that he is. she says that the night is young, and they can make it more memorable. samrat asks her whats the delay then. She teases him, and then begins to go. As the prostitue nidhi gets to her job, she is successful in getting samrat in her trap. As he takes her to the room, she excuses hersefl, while he asks her to hurry as he cant wait for long, while eyeing her lustily. she smiels, and complies. When she grabs her purse, she takes out the camera, while thinking that half of the film is made here, the other half shall be in the room now. Meanwhile, an ecstatic Samrat is shocked, when he finds a hand tapping him on the shoulder, and when he turns around, he is stunned to see that the person is niranjan, who eyes him accusingly, while samrat is flustered. He asks whats samrat doing here, and he says that he just came for the party, and asks whats he doing here, instead for preparing for the case. niranjan says that he isnt under instructions, but samrat is. He says that he is completely alone, and he came on the insistence of a family friend. Niranjan reminds him that he has an important work tomorrow, and that to get shaurya ready to testify in the court. samrat assures him with bravado. Niranjan warns him that nothing should go wrong tomorrow in the court. He says that he identifies this sparkle in the eyes, and that this isnt just due to a family friend’s party. Samrat tries to hesitatingly assure niranjan, that he is alone and doesnt have a girl, but just then, nidhi comes and asks samrat to come along. She intentionally assures him, that she is waiting in the room for him. Niranjan reminds samrat of the work, and he frustratedly leaves, while nidhi thinks that her plan failed, and irritatedly walks off, while niranjan stands tensed.
Scene 4:
Location: Sushma’s residence
While shaurya is playing in the garden, samrat kidnaps him, and gagging him, he puts him in the car. shaurya is shocked and scared to see him. Samrat shushes him, and shaurya says that he wants to go to urmi. samrat asks him to shut up, and says that if he loves his mother, and wants him not to hit her anymore, then he would do exactly as he says. He instigates shaurya that he has to testify against urmi in court. Shaurya says that he wont tell lie. samrat warns him that he would kill urmi, if shaurya doesnt comply to his wishes. Samrat shows him the gun, and threatens him, that he would fire at urmi and kill her. He asks samrat not to kill her, saying that he would agree to anything. The screen freezes on Samrat’s evil smiling face.
Precap: Ishaan desperately asks shaurya, not to be scared and tell the court the truth, as to who he wants to stay with. Niranjan pressurises shaurya to tell exactly how urmi used to burn and beat him, while samrat gives him scary looks. Urmi is uncontrollably crying, as she finds her son in such a moral dilemma. urmi and ishaan wait with bated breaths, while samrat wait anxiously for him to answer..p

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