Do Not Love Me So Much Episode 139–140 Update on Wednesday 17th May 2017

The episode starts with RK taking Pam to garden and asking her to understand his situation. She says it is not his mistake, he already told he is engaged to Devika and has moved on, but with his jovial attitude, she thought he still loves her. She should have realized they have passed romantic age and got emotional. She says she will not come in his way and leaves. Devika comes then and says there is a surprise for him in hall. He goes to hall and sees Devika’s parents there. Devika’s dad asks if he is surprised or tensed that he will be caged forever now. Mom asks him to stop frightening son-in-law (SIL). She tells they have fixed his and Devika’s marriage after 15 days. Everyone congrats them. Dad warns RK to keep his daughter on top of the world, else he will shoot him. Mom asks him to again to stop frighten him. Ragini takes parents to show their rooms.
Neil tells Karan and Dimpy that RK is confused about his marriage. Ragini interferes and asks him to stop confusing RK more as men are usually confused by nature. Neil asks if she means all women are stable and men are confused. She says RK is moving ahead in life and he should not stop him. Neil says she is arrogant and eogostic as usual and forces her thoughts on everyone and says when did he say he wants to stop RK’s marriage, he just said RK is confused. Karan asks them to stop fighting onhis anniversary day.
Pam in depression munches cakes. Suhani enters and asks her to give her favorite lotion. Pam asks her to take it from her bag. Suhani says due to RK uncle’s marriage, their India trip is extended for 15 days more. She could not attend Nishi’s marriage but will enjoy RK’s marriage this time. Pam shouts at her not to get that excited. She then apologizes her and asks her to take cake away, else she will eat everything. She then cries thinking what happened to her.
RK’s would father-in-law major catches him forcefully and forcefully describes is army stories. Neil comes to speak to RK and RK asks major to tell stories to Neil and runs from there. Neil says he will come in 5 minutes, but major continues his loud overacting. He then sees Aman passing by, calls him and tells major that Aman wanted to join arm and then police but could not due to physical fitness issue and he is very much interested in army stories. Major then forces his stories on him and takes him to hall where youngsters are. Youngsters escape one by one silently leaving RK and Karthik in major’s courtesy.
Neil stops RK and tells he wants to tell him something. Ragini enters but stops seeing Neil already and thinks he will confuse RK now. Neil thinks he should not confuse him and leaves. RK imagines Pam and Devika walking together and slapping him, thinks he already started day dreaming

Children while having lunch discuss that major is testing Aman’s patience and they escaped somehow. Aman enters and says he somehow escaped and major is boring watchman now. Major enters with watchman and shouts that he was sleeping on duty and orders him to run around farm house 50 times. Watchman gets afraid and runs from there. Major then praises Neil’s fitness and scold Karan for his bulging tummy. Karan cleverly takes him to bar..
RK comes to Pam’s room and requests to listen to him, holding her hands. Neil enters and is surprised. RK says she was complaining of wrist pain, so he was checking her wrist. Pam says she is fine. Neil leaves. Pam asks RK to go ahead with his marriage and she will not disturb him from hereon and asks to leave her room right now. He sadly walks out.
Ragini sees Neil standing without having lunch and gives him plate. She then sits with ladies. Devika’s mom asks her to have food and gives her prepared moong dal halwa. Ragini reminisces she picking halwa from fridge at midnight and Aarav coming there and telling he likes halwa a lot, so he woke up. They both then feed halwa to each other. She sheds tears and Sunny also reminisces same incident and gets sad.

Devika asks RK to change his wet shirt. He says it’s ok, but she helps him removing it. Pam sees them and walks away. RK notices it and takes his shirt back saying if anyone sees, it won’t look good. She asks what happened. Why he’s looking tensed since yesterday. Did he not like her dad announcing their marriage date all of a sudden? Does he want him to postpone? She can talk to him right now. RK says it’s not like that. They were friends before, now they are going to get married so.. Devika says he’s worried that they won’t remain best friends like before? Then don’t worry..she won’t be like a typical wife. They will still be friends, their relationship will be just same, only thing that will change is their relationship will get a different name.
Karan and Neil are arguing over whose jokes are better. Karan says at least everyone laughs at his jokes unlike Neil. Neil says person needs to be smart in order to understand his jokes which he obviously isn’t. Karan asks him to ask Ragini what she used to say about his jokes during college time. Neil asks what? Ragini says she doesn’t remember. Neil says she used to laugh too. Karan says she used to go to him and used to say she doesn’t understand jokes, but only laughs to make Neil happy.
Pam is mad recalling shirtless RK with Devika. Aman comes there talking on phone to a doctor and praising Devika. Pam gets more annoyed. Aman sees Pam and hangs. She asks him whether there’s any problem in hospital. He says no, it’s just Devika is not there so he has to keep news. When Devika is there, she handles everything, she’s very efficient. She says of course. He’s leaving. She stops him and asks him how he’s able to see Ragini with Neil when he loves her, he was engaged with her. He says, acceptance. He knows how to accept everything. He has accepted even though they are divorced, they will still be together. Parents can’t be separated. She tells him that he’s very nice. There are not many people like him. She can’t think like him that’s why maybe she can’t stay happy. He tells her to learn how to accept and she will be happy. He leaves. Pam says to herself that is what she can’t do. She can’t accept RK and Devika’s relationship and is clueless what to do.
Karan is talking to a girl on phone and saying Dimpy was there, so he didn’t pick up. Ragini hears it. Karan tells the girl he will talk later. Karan starts giving explanation to Ragini that Dimpy doesn’t like that girl, so he has to talk like this. She asks why he’s giving her explanation and why they do stuff like this. He could explain to Dimpy.. Neil comes there and asks what’s going on. Ragini asks Karan to tell him. Karan says all. Neil takes Karan’s side and Ragini starts arguing with him that she has problem when a husband hides something from his wife, but he won’t find anything wrong because he did same years ago. Neil gets furious. Karan tries to calm them down, but Neil doesn’t listen. He tells Ragini for her Aman is everything, so move on with him now. What does she want from him? If he does anything or say anything, then he’s wrong. Why doesn’t she spare him? Ragini says there are some memories which she can’t forget and she doesn’t wish to, but he keeps doing something and doesn’t let her live peacefully with those memories. He asks what does he do? She says his mistakes. He asks what mistake? She says nothing and leaves. Karan says it’s just misunderstanding. Neil asks what misunderstanding? She does this purposely.
RK is giving justification to Pam, but she says he doesn’t need to tell her what happens in his bedroom. He still gives her justification. She says so what? She’s his fiance. It doesn’t matter to her what they do. She’s not his wife, he can do whatever he wants. She leaves.
Kartik is complaining Agam about Neil’s strictness. He asks what’s his problem. When it comes to Suhani he comes to dictatorship from democracy. Agam says that’s his style. Suhani comes and asks if he was saying anything about Neil? Agam says yes. Suhani asks Kartik why he’s always behind her dad? Kartik says her dad is always behind him. Suhani says her dad isn’t bad, he’s just little strict. Kartik says he’s Hitler. Suhani says fine he will get free from him and her as well and leaves. Kartik asks what’s girls problem. Agam says that is why he doesn’t have any girlfriend. Kartik says it’s because he can’t impress anyone. One day he will have and that time they will talk.
Ragini is upset as she recalls her argument. Suhani comes to her and asks why boys are so arrogant. Ragini joins in and says not just arrogant, they are rude, don’t think about others. Suhani agrees and leaves shortly. Ragini says in her anger, she forgot to ask her why she was upset. RK comes to talk to Ragini. She asks what? He thinks whether to talk to her or no as her mood looks bad. He asks her if anything happened? with Neil? She asks him what’s the matter? Does he want to talk about Devika? She says she’s sure he came to say that he’s not ready to marry Devika. He must have talked to Neil and he filled his ears. She asks what did he say? He said if you’re uncertain then postpone or cancel the wedding, right? RK says Neil didn’t say anything like that. She says whether he said anything or no, just looking at his face, anyone can tell he’s not prepared for wedding. She asks what’s men’s problem? They take girls out, talk sweet, propose them, and when it comes to commitment, they run in other direction. RK is quiet. She asks is he afraid of marriage? or there is another girl in his life?
Ragini cools herself down and tells RK not to marry Devika in any confusion. If there’s anything, then she can talk to her. She knows her since many years and she’s a nice girl. This is about her life and he can’t do this to her. She says sorry to him saying she was angry on something else and he didn’t even let him speak. She asks him what he wanted to say? He says nothing. He got his answer. He was very confused, but now he’s clear that he will marry Devika. Ragini says she’s glad and she is sure they will always be happy.
Both brothers are teasing Suhani by telling Kartik that he made Suhani cry, now he will go straight to US. Agam is going out with his bag. Suhani asks him to leave the bag. She snatches it and ends up falling in Kartik’s arms. Both brothers and Kartik laugh. Suhani gets mad at Kartik. Kartik says Agam did. She says they are her brothers, they can do anything. Kartik says sorry to her and now she laughs at him. Kartik says he respects Neil a lot, it’s just he gets scared when he comes in front of him.
RK comes to Pam’s room and locks the door. He says he wants to speak to her. Pam says she knows he’s confused and all that, but he shouldn’t lock door like that. If anyone sees, then things will get complicated. He says there’s no confusion. He has made his decision. Pam asks but isn’t it late? He says yes it is late. They both have gone way ahead in their lives that it’s difficult for them to come together. He should have understood that long ago. He apologizes her for all his jokes, masti that might have hurt her. He tried to connect their past, but it’s too late now. He loved her, he still loves her, and he will keep loving her. When he was alone, she wasn’t with him. It was Devika who was with him. He never thought he would fall in love again or live life. She made him realize that.. she taught him to live life. He can’t hurt her like that. He tells her that there will always be her importance in his life. She will live in his heart, not in his life. Pam looks on emotionally.
Precap: Ragini tells Neil why can’t he accept that people can move on from their past, their priorities can change. Neil says priorities can change, feeling can’t. When someone truly loves someone, he can’t forget her. He asks her to ask herself has she been able to forget him..his love. The drama that she is doing of moving on with Aman.. isn’t that just a compromise?

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