Chairman Frankett Congratulate All Winners Of The Constituency Elections

The NPP constituency elections has successful been conducted in almost all constituency in the country except for some few injunctions.

The enthusiasm was very high and participation was fantastic. This election can be likened to a national general elections. This shows that the party is very alive and popular among Ghanaians. Those who have won you have inherited a very strong and life party that can win any elections fairly conducted in Ghana. Those who have lost your positions we salute you, this shows that you have positioned the party really well so it has become a household party, we pray that you will continue to guide and assist the incoming executives so they can even do better for the party to win the 2020 elections easily. The incoming executives your roles have already been defined and set out clearly, to win the 2020 elections and prepare the grounds for 2024 elections. That’s your mandate and goal. We don’t want any excuses, previous executives were able to win the elections from opposition, so for me winning this elections from government is much more easier than from opposition. So work hard to achieve that, and that will be your reasonable contributions to our great party. Work hard to unite the party and bring the undecided public and members of other political parties to come on board. Now you have the power stop complaints, forgive and reconcile all and sundry to your fold so we can support the government to deliver and make your work so easy. I wish you all well in your pursuit and endeavours in the coming years.

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POWERED by Chairman FRANKETT W/R Chairman Hopeful.

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