Bedridden woman, 65 seeks divorce from husband who stopped servicing her

 A bedridden Marcella Mukami requested a court to put an end to her marriage for lack of support.

Marcella Mukami, a 75-year-old Kenyan woman has asked a court to dissolve her marriage to her husband Peter Kinyugo, over claims that he hasn’t been giving her enough attention.

to reports, Kinyugo prefers to stay with his second wife ignoring the
bedridden complainant who also accused the defendant of adultery despite
participating in the traditional marriage that welcomed a union between
him and an unnamed woman.
“You are accusing your husband of failing to provide services to you; do you still need those services now?” Waiganjo Gichuki a lawyer to the defendant asked Mukami.
my husband married my co-wife we lived happily under one roof, we had
allocated duties to cook and household chores, but it is because my
husband is such a clever man that I did not raise an objection,”
“He (Kinyugo) also forced me to participate in the traditional marriage to his second wife,” Mukami told the court.
Emphasizing the 75-year-old’s dissatisfaction, Margaret Nyang’ati,
her lawyer expressed that the complainant receives between Sh2,000 and
Sh3,000 as medical support, considered too meagre for her needs.

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