Following is a brief overview of our latest selected constituency poll in the Ashanti Region conducted on 4th March through to 6 March with 270 delegates in 15 constituencies in the region, including all the constituencies in the Kumasi metropolis.
Top line results are included following this overview.
General overview:
Chairman Robert Asare-Bediako leads the current regional chairman Antwi-Boasiako aka Wontumi by 20% (60% -40%).

This margin means the race for the election in the region is a call for Chairman Asare-Bediako as he leads in the polls by 20% amongst delegates within the survey +/- 3.7 margin of error.
The questions which were posed the respondents were as follows:
1. Would you rate your chances of voting in the upcoming elections this April for regional chairman, Ashanti region? State race as excellent, good, fair and poor.
A. If excellent 93%
B. If good 7%
C. If fair (Terminate)
D. If poor ( Terminate)
2. Generally speaking, do you think the party is going in the right direction in the region, or do you think the party has gotten on the wrong track?
1. Right direction 39%
2. Wrong track 61
3. Who would you vote for as the next regional chairman of the party?
1. Chairman Asare-Bediako: 60%
2. Chairman Antwi-Boasiako: 40%
Beneath is a brief survey of attitudes and opinions of some important issues facing the party in Ashanti Region today.
Most of the sampled delegates were of the view that, Antwi Boasiako aka Wontumi, has disappointed them.
They further explained that, he is selfish, arrogant, immature and does not respect them .
The sampled views further suggested that Chairman Asare Bediako is respectful and respected party man in the region who has groomed many party members to occupy good positions in the party. These people can be found all over the country and in the diaspora.
Another factor of the resounding victory for Chairman Asare Bediako is key power brokers in the region have decided to throw their weight behind Chairman Asare-Bediako because they think he can manage the affairs of the party in the region better, Wontumi’s disrespectful nature, and his inability to secure good positions for the party’s executives from the region since the party assumed the reigns of power in 2017.
Meanwhile Wontumi is going round promising delegates of contracts and positions in government if given the nod again. And the delegates do not believe this promise from him because they think if he really wanted to help them he would have done so and would not have waited for another election time to tell them. They also said they would welcome both aspirants to their homes and offices when they come to campaign for their votes but would not tell them which of them they would vote for so as to enable them cast their votes in a peaceful manner without any hindrances.
Some are even scared [that] there might be confusion on the voting day and are therefore calling for tight security before, during and after the election.
Our correspondent called spokespersons of the two candidates for their response to the research but it all proved futile.
Methodology: This poll was conducted by the Amstrad Research Group in Accra – Ghana. Completed interviews were conducted March 4-6, 2018 with 270 delegates likely voters who have prior voting history, as well as new elected constituency executives. In order to be eligible to complete the survey, respondents had to first confirm their likelihood of voting in the upcoming regional elections for chairman this April. Interviews were randomly selected and conducted via face-to-face and telephone using professionally-trained research staff from our company. Interviews were closely monitored to ensure a representative sample of the delegates.
The margin of error for a sample size of 270 is +/3.64% at the 95% confidence level.

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