Another sex tape at Ejisuman SHS; Teachers, students involved

The Nkosohene of Ejisu traditional council, Nana Kofi Opoku, has threatened to release some sex videos involving teachers and students at the Ejisuman S.H.S. 

According to the Chief, most of the teachers in the school have been captured on his camera sexually harassing some female students. 

He also alleges that due to the immoral acts on the part of the teachers, about two hundred students are compelled annually to quit the school. 

“Go and do your investigations and you will realize that most of the students have stopped schooling because they have been impregnated by their teachers and due to that three hundred students quit the school every year after going through same sexual harassment”, he tells newsmen.
A 21-year-old student of the Ejisuman Senior High School (SHS) in the Ashanti Region has disclosed that she and her schoolmates mostly engage in sexual bouts with their teachers in order to pay their fees. 

According to the student whose name is withheld, majority of the female students are faced with financial constraints hence the teachers and the Assistant Head prey on them. 

Making the damning revelation on Abusua Nkommo hosted by Kwame Adinkra, she explained that the teachers have been feasting on them sexually on daily basis. 

She indicated that the teachers threaten to sack or fail them during exams if they refuse to satisfy their sexual pleasure saying they always succumb to their (teachers) pressures.
The distressed student stated that some of the teachers after satisfying themselves fail to fulfil their part of the bargain citing her case where the teacher failed to give her the money after the sex. 

She indicated that she was advised by her mates to report the case to the District Chief Executive (DCE) for the area but refused, fearing that she might be prevented from writing the upcoming 2018 WASSCE. 

The Ejisu SHS third year student added that the teacher later requested to sleep with her again before he will give her the GHC100 for her school fees arrears but she objected to his demand. 

She said she suffered depression when the teacher failed to give her the money adding that some of the students enjoy the sex they have with the teachers due to the goodies that follow.
She intimated that she was lucky not to have gotten pregnant but some of her mates are out of school due to unwanted pregnancies. 

‘Some of the girls agree to the pressures of the teachers just to pay their fees. In my quest to pay my fees arrears, I once slept with one of the teachers when the school’s authorities threatened to sack those of us owing from classrooms because I had no one to pay my school fees, I agreed to have sex with him when he approached me with the request. He further threatened to ensure that I’m sack if I reveal the details of our sexual affair to anyone,’ she explained. 

She further revealed that the teachers sometimes seize their phones, shoes, slippers and threaten to return them after sleeping with the girls, saying they are now living in total fear. 

She called on the Ghana Education Service (GES) to investigate the matter and transfer the ‘bad’ teachers from the school.
Teachers at the Ejisuman Senior High School have denied the allegations of sexual exploitation against students in the school. 

But at a press conference on Wednesday the denied all the allegations leveled against them. 

The teachers, led by the Board chair of the school, described the allegations as “distressing and disheartening.” 

But Nana Kofi Poku, responding to a press conference organized by the school authorities to refute rumours that teachers of the school have been “feeding” on the students called on the Ministry of Education and the National Security to do a thorough investigation into the matter else he will leak the sex tapes.

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