Anas exposes ‘rogue’ Police officers in latest documentary

Ace Investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas has finally released his latest undercover report which exposes some dishonest police officers in Ghana.

Dubbed “Bad Cops”, the latest investigative piece which is the last part of the Tiger Eye PI’s “Ghana’s Soul Takers” documentary, reveals the role some police personnel play in the various forms of chaos that happens on Ghana’s roads.

‘Ghana’s Soul Takers’ which aims at uncovering the artificial causes of avoidable deaths and carnage on roads in the country looked at the rot at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority, and how officials procure license for cripples, madmen, minors, among others for cash.

The about one-hour documentary details how some miscreants among the Police Service use their job to perpetrate wrongful acts that go against the mandate and principles of the Service

The last investigative piece by Anas shook the foundations of the Judiciary after some notable Judges were caught on tape taking bribe or allowing themselves to be induced.

These went a long way to influence the judgement of their cases and in some cases letting wrongdoers go without the law taking its course.

The new full video documentary released by Anas on the police, however, is geared towards creating road safety awareness and responsibilities among the general Ghanaian public and especially the Police MTTU

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