Amaya Episode 14 Update on Saturday 20th May 2017

Horacio knows Amaya is planning to divorce him and tells her that if she does she will be left alone because he will take their daughter from her and Amaya looks nervous. Horacio then tries insulting Amaya as a tramp like her mother who also tries running away with her lover and quickly she slaps her him for offending her and her mother and tells him over her dead body will she allow him to take her daughter from her. He then asks her to think about things and let them be together again because he never cheated on her but he’s always loved her and no one else.
Max confesses to Salvador that he’s confused because he can only think of Amaya and so he warns Max to be careful not to hurt Constanza and Max says he is not going to hurt Constanza. 
Flavia tells Max and Salvador that she’s decided to go back to college and has chosen 3 subjects which are taught by Salvador in the college. Max then looks so glad because his sister Flavia has decided to go back to college again. 
Amaya asks Carolina to help her to get a job and find a lawyer for her divorce and she promises to speak with her boss and see if he can employ her because she is certain that Manuel will employ her and can also count on her for all she may need. 
Ivan confronts Mariana about what she and Amaya were doing at “El Paraíso” and asks the where about of Amaya but she refuses to tell him anything. 
Carolina asks Amaya to tell her about Max the man she says she met who saved her life and also changed her life and Amaya and Amaya spills every bit of her feeling towards Max to her and Carolina looks so happy for her friend. 
Jorge arrives in Mexico to present the estimate of Max’s coffee project and he hopes they accept. 
Cesar tells his father they’ll have to pay Arriaga in cash, but Mauro doesn’t agree because he wants everything to be on paper and not with mouth because he always wants to do business according to the law. 
Manuel agrees to give Amaya a job interview after Carolina spoke to him and Carolina leaves a voice for Amaya asking her to come to her office to meet with her boss because she wants to speak with her. 
Salvador confronts Constanza about her feelings for Max and for being in such a hurry to marry him and she says it’s because she loves him but Salvador says she thinks she actually isn’t in love with Max as she thinks but Constanza is sure of her feelings. 
After Max and Jorge presents their project to the board, Cesar as usual comments awful about it and he gets supporters among the board. The board is now divided equally with the vote about the project and it’s left with Mauro to either vote in favour or against and he actually votes against it stating that the project will have to wait a couple of years because he thinks it comes with lots of capital and this makes Cesar happy but Manuel is not because he thinks the project is a great one and don’t know why Mauro has to reject it. So Max warns him he’ll offer it to their competitors. 
After the meeting, Manuel complains to Mauro for not supporting his son’s project. 
Cesar tells his mum about Mauro’s rejection of the project and truly he and Lucrecia are glad because Max is out of the company.
Mauro reconsiders his decision by telling Cesar that would like to get a loan from the bank to support Max with his project because he doesn’t want him to leave the company but Cesar careless but Mauro is afraid that Manuel will buy that project from Max and then will generate income from it so no matter what he will get that loan and if the bank refuses the loan, he will speak with his other stakeholders to get money from them to support Max. But Cesar angrily refuses to let him because if he does he threatens his father that he will quit from the company and so he gives his father the company’s employee name tag. 
Amaya and Max enter Manuel’s office building separately and walk to the elevators. She enters one of them and Max sees her in the distance and yells her name and Amaya tries unsuccessfully to open the elevator door.
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