Amaya Episode 120 Update on Monday 29th January 2018


When Ulises is about to take Mariana away, Immediately, Ephraim arrives
to inform Ulises that Mauro, Cesar and Max have arrived at the hospital
ad they are with Mariana’s sister Amaya but he doesn’t know if they are
here for Mariana. This makes Ulises very nervous and he tells Ephraim to
make sure to eavesdrop their conversations to know if they indeed came
there for Mariana but should make sure they never recognize him whiles
he goes inside Mariana’s room to get her out of there.
Yaayaa confronts Becca for calling Hector and she says to tell him about
Ivan and what happened to him so that they can come and take him out of
there since she has no strength to do so and also, she (Yaayaa) gives
the orders in the house. But Yaayaa verses her for being imprudent but
Becca says she wouldn’t be his accomplice again to risk the life of her
only son and Yaayaa threatens her that if that is so then, she (Becca)
has to leave her house but Becca says he is not leaving because she
won’t leave her son alone with her.

The doctor tells Max that if it hadn’t been for Amaya who pulled out the
venom from his leg, he’d be dead because of the snake poison. Same
vein, the doctor informs Cesar that his wife doesn’t have any injury so
Max confesses to his father that in his hallucination, he thought he had something with Amaya, but that she denied it.
Manuel asks his daughter Constanza again to forgive him and begs her to come back home.
Ephraim after eavesdropping the Montesino’s conversation, he runs
quickly to inform Ulises about it that it just happened they are there
because Amaya and Max had an accident.
The doctor discharges Nana Yaw and he only thinks of taking revenge on his father for abandoning him.
Juliana is honest with Carolina and tells her about her relationship with Jorge while Horacio is listening without being seen and all Juliana
wants is for Carolina not to let that affect their work relationship
and she assures her of that though it won’t be easy. She then asks Juliana if she’s told Horacio about her new relationship with Jorge and Juliana wonders why she has to tell Horacio and Caro asks her not to be so naïve to not have noticed that Horacio is in love with her and Juliana
says of course she noticed it but from the beginning she made it point
blank with him that she is not interested in him at all. So, she warns Juliana to be very careful about Horacio as he is a very bad person. Horacio then threatens Carolina to not try tarnishing his image and defending Amaya instead.

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