17-year-old girl slaps soldier

An Israeli military court on Tuesday ordered the extension of a Palestine teenager’s detention by one month for slapping an Israeli soldier.
In the court hearing that was held behind closed doors, the judge decided to extend the detention of the 17-year-old girl until March 11 without giving further details.

The girl had been detained since December 19; four days after a video of her slapping an Israeli soldier outside her home went viral on the internet.
The military court judge demanded that all press should leave the courtroom before the hearing began, citing the protection of the minor when her lawyer objected.
The Palestinian girl was seen raising her hand in a victory sign as she walked into the courtroom with chains, whispering to her family members.
Her case has drawn wide public attention to Israeli military court procedures, which are often described by rights groups as discriminatory.
Amnesty International, a London-based international group focused on human rights, has called for the release of the teenager and accused Israel of “discriminatory treatment of Palestinian children.”
Her mother Nariman Tamimi, who took the video of her daughter while slapping the Israeli soldier, was also arrested on December 20 and accused of incitement.
Both mother and her minor daughter are being held in prison.

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