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Hon Hadji Mustaphar..✍🏽
Those who voted for change must have now realized the president they voted for has kept this country paralyzed.

If you voted for him and also feeling the pain
I hope you do your best to see it never happens again.

We must make sure president Nana Addo and his family don’t rule us for another term again.

We must let him and all of his cabinets and ministers apologize to the good people of Ghana
For all the troubles they have brought;
Hardship , corruption , lies , thievery and fake promises.

Never again shall Ghana be rule by the NPP
Never again shall we let them mess with our economy.

Ghanaians have never felt so much frustrations and insecurity like this before
Never again shall Ghana be rule by a dictator of a leader , the rule of law is missing in our present Ghana, just as the missing law certificate of the ruler.

The freedom of speech is handicapped
Never again shall the CEDI’s loose value like a toilet paper( pardon my choice of words).

We must make sure in 2020 the rule of law is restored by the best candidate who has done it before
But the NPP must never rule us again
Are u still waiting for the scam change we voted for in 2016 ? You will be waiting in vain ” I don’t think that this government appointed people with brains” so said hon Kennedy Agyapong NPP Mp .

Is only going to get worse and the truth is u can’t complain about the suffering and thievery because we voted them to power to govern us.
We shouldn’t have voted for a candidate with a missing law certificate and expect the rule of law to grind perfectly in this nation.
It would have been a criminal offense for a civil servant to work at any department in the public service with a missing certificate.

And now appointing the EC for the single and Paramount task of rigging.

The only way we can stop this is for us to come together and vote massively against the NPP for a positive Ghana

Never again shall we be rule by NPP
Never again shall we allow fake economist lie to this country again
Never again shall Ghana be rule by family and friends
Never again shall we vote for president who has legalised corruption and criminalised small scale mining ( *Galamsy* )
Never again shall we vote for the leader who will rewrite our history to favor his family members
Never again Ghana ! Never again 😰😰😰


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