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Wisdom, sapience, or sagacity is the ability to contemplate and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight.

Civil societies, Peace Council, Christian Council and all those who jump from one interview to another just to make the former president unpopular over baseless and unfounded allegations, today have all gone silent.

Today, issues of national concern are of no importance to them. They will prefer to watch catoons or animal kingdom instead national issues.

Ghana my mother land is sinking bit by bit whiles the voices of windom are fast asleep.

I hear an allegation of Sewaa Broni made against the national security and the president of this country all over the local and international platforms yet those who matter in this country find it difficult to speak, comment or call for immediate investigation into this case.

Are we building a society or animal kingdom?
It’s alleged that a whole president of my country had his half naked pictures or semi nude photo’s with a lady claiming she had an affair with him, I once said if the national national security minister can have is semi nude pictures and vedio conversation in the public domain, then we are not safe us a country.

In less than a year it has come to pass because its has happen to our president
The entire presidential machinery have failed the morality test, if what is happening is true.

There is an allegation that borders on criminality and the police service, BNI and the National security that is deeply involved has not even uttered a word.
Ghana is indeed in the hands of dictators.
The media is doing a great disservice to this nation.

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They pretend as if there have not heard it but the good Lord shall defend this nation Ghana.

But to those who have lost their voices I pray they never recover from their lost even if there is change of gorvenment.
I don’t know what they are going to say even if they sadly find their voices because they have lost the locus to speak on national issues.

And they should remember history will be kind to remember them as the aphoniaians of our time.

Whiles others enjoy watching animal kingdom than to speak over national issues I recommend them to also try watching teletabies.


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Fri Nov 19 , 2021
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