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Hon Hadji Mustaphar ✍️
Nana addo our current President had two attributes of Zacchaeus which not even the devil can not contest.

(1)He is short
(2)King of taxation.
Reference Luke 19
Salary accounts taxed
Momo accounts taxed
Data accounts taxed
Talk on phone taxed
Fuel taxed
Condom taxed
Hmmm waiting for the tax on air we are breathing.

How can a government be promoting cashless regime and turn around to be over taxing electronic transactions. A 1.7% of a 1,000 GHC is equivalent to 17 GHC which is going to over burden the consumer and inimical to the digitisation agenda.

The budget policy for 2022 was read and same has not been approved, in the budget the gov’t decided to abolish road tolls..

Mr Road minister, its prudent enough for you to have waited for the budget to be approved before you start the implementation?
This amounts is a breach of the 1992 constitution and as a senior member of the house you should know better and if I may ask why are you in a harry to implement illegality?

What kind of arrogance and disrespect is that..
Restore the road tolls and wait for the budget to be approved before implementation.

READ ALSO  I never paid GHS 100,000 during the delegates meeting in Bawumia, nor did I purchase pickups.

Parliament is the only house mandated by the constitution of Ghana to debate and give approval before any national budget or decision can be implemented.

Do you know all those sellers by the tollbooths have lost their jobs because cars can’t stop for passengers to buy. The insensitive government didn’t think about the citizens there should be alternatives before this policy is drafted.

This was how you started the banking clean up and rendered alot of Ghanaian youth jobless now is the turn of the street hawkers and toll both attendants across the country.

What a government, you don’t provide for your people but destroy what you came to meet too.
I can boldly say the youth of this country both literate and illiterates, have generally lost hope in this government.

Those who voted for change then, you have your change regrettably.
I shall return

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