I am a diehard card bearing of NPP,I believe most party leadership of NPP and other sympathizers of NPP might disagree with me but the truth stands.

The victory of NPP was not on the shoulder of one person as the President Nana Addo made us to understood that Freddie Blay was the brain behind our 2016 victory.Well,that is not the case.

Ghanaians by nature including me a constituency executive of NPP don’t like ” all work but few enjoys”.Whenever I hear my colleagues party members and some Ministers,CEOs,MPs,MMDCEs making these assertions that Nana Addo is going to beat President Mahama,I pause and asked,are these people speaking the fact at all.

When these CEOs,Ministers,MPs,MMDCEs are able to pick media houses calls to grant interviews,attend radio/television programs but don’t pick party grassroots members calls,what do they think they are doing to the party?

Nevertheless,the truth is President Mahama is very corrupt and incompetent of which most Ghanaians are aware but the votes he hard in the NDC primaries confirms that he was able to sought for help,job,finances,security services recruitment,scholarships etc for NDC members.John Mahama was able to say ” Jobs for the boys–which means job for NDC boys”
Come to NPP,even leadership of NPP are giving out jobs to family,friends,girlfriends in NDC and when you asked them,they say the person employed is underground NPP member or crosscarpet to NPP in 2016.Really? So anyone could be underground NPP and worked with NDC and equally work with NPP?

Even Nana Addo himself have made big mistakes with most of his appointment.Appointing people who were not having interest in politics to occupy key positions.How do you expect such an NPP-alien to know your grassroots members and assist them?
Some CEOs and Ministers are bold to tell party grassroots member not to come his or her office,the job-seeker should go to Jubilee House.Well,that’s another issue.

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Why won’t I vote for an incompetent person who offer jobs and finances to party members than voting for a competent person who offer jobs to aliens and neglect grassroots members.Research shows that under NDC more party members benefited directly much from John Mahama than under NPP.Whilst NDC John Mahama was doing paper-manual recruitment with or No certificate, NPP Nana Addo administration has become online with minimum qualification to be Diploma”
Is NPP and Nana Addo not aware that the level of illiteracy in Ghana is higher than literacy? Which means people with education and certificate are less than those without certificate.So if my President claims he is solving unemployment,what does it mean?

I think most NPP youths are disappointed with our administration as compared to NDC youths.
Never think Free SHS students will give you more votes.Most NDC are beneficiaries of NPP administration than NPP grassroots.

Hope Nana Addo’s appointees will continue not to pick anyone’s calls or messages.The only time you see appointees communicating to party grassroots is to inform them of his or her appearance on radio/TV station or to discuss the upcoming parliamentary primaries.

Nana Addo cannot secured victory one touch in 2020.The earlier the best.

There are divisions in the NPP grassroots than the national executives.If the grassroots are united but the top is not,is safe for the party than to have united national executives with divided grassroots.

I will support the corrupt Mahama to win so that I get job to do and take good care of my family and community than NPP.

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You will know my real identity around 15-November,2020.

Truth is one

#I am disappointed in NPP

kwabena Frimpong

kwabena Frimpong

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