Kundali Bhagya Episode 114 Update on Saturday 9th June 2018

Preeta shouts at Karan for his behaviour. He asks why she called all his girlfriends to his room. She says so he learns how to respect girls. He says he doesn’t disrespect them, doesn’t break their hearts, girls like him and he likes girls too, so what’s wrong meeting them? She says and he finds such girls as well. She thought girls would beat him up but instead they fought among themselves. He says so she was there? Preeta says yes, she saw everything and she had a lot of fun. Late, but all girls realized and broke up with him. He was saying she is not worth of having any boyfriend. Now he himself doesn’t have a single girlfriend. He says since first grade, he didn’t stay without any girlfriend.
Today because of her, he is without any girlfriend. She will get punished for what she did. Now if anyone asks him for his girlfriend, he will take Preeta’s name. Preeta says he won’t do anything like that. She tries to stop him, but he leaves. Preeta is tensed and asks herself why she messed with him. He’s a fool, will say anything.
Rishabh stops Karan and asks he met her? Karan asks who? Rishabh says not to lie to him, when he came to call him in his room, a girl was hiding behind curtain. Preeta comes there. Rishabh says Karan is going to tell his girlfriend name. Karan asks Preeta, should he? Preeta says no. Rishabh asks no? Preeta says everyone knows he doesn’t take his girlfriends serious, so what’s the point of knowing. Rishabh says if she’s saying that, then he won’t ask. Karan still says.. Preeta. Rishabh and Preeta are shocked. Karan says Rita, not Preeta. Rishabh a

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sks him to say clearly.
he heard Preeta. Karan says he doesn’t like people whose names start with P. Preeta excuses herself. Karan also goes. Rishabh says thank God he didn’t say Preeta.
Karan follows Preeta. She’s angry at him for calling her girlfriend in front of Rishabh. She asks does he realize that she’s a girl, her Roka is done. What if someone else had heard that? Everyone would question her character. Karan apologises her. She doesn’t stop shouting. He covers her mouth and asks her to listen to him. He says it’s her who makes him angry and then he reacts wrongly. He accepts his mistake and says sorry from his heart. He knows her very well and respects her. He will never do anything that would question her character. Both have eye lock. Sajdaa song plays…Karan starts to leave. Preeta stops him and says sorry as well for creating scene with his girlfriends. She shouldn’t have done it. Karan says she should say sorry, but holding her ears. Preeta catches his ear and both laugh. Janki comes there and ask if there is anything going on between them. Both say no. Karan asks has she seen his girlfriends? They are makkhan and Preeta is… She asks she is who? He doesn’t say anything and leaves. Preeta says he’s mad. Janki says he’s your hero. Preeta says seems like she’s hurt very badly on her head.
Karan wonders what’s wrong with him.. why he gets lost. Rishabh catches him and says before he disappears again, they should cut cake.
Janki goes to washroom. Prithvi follows her.
Everyone gathers for cake cutting. Karan asks where coach is. Sameer goes to check and brings him back.
Sherlin sees Prithvi following Janki and both smile at each other. Prithvi pushes Janki off the stairs and hides. Everyone rushes to Janki and tries to get her conscious. Prithvi hopes she is dead, but Janki opens her eyes. She gets her memory back. Everyone is happy. Prithvi and Sherlin are disappointed. Sherlin says she better leave from there. Prithvi also decides to leave before Janki exposes him. Janki sees him and stops him. She can’t remember when Prithvi went to their home and his and Preeta alliance got fixed. Preeta says not to worry, she will slowly remember everything. Everyone gets back to cake cutting. Sherlin was hiding on a side, her mom asks her to come. Janki sees Sherlin. Sherlin wonders where she recognized her.
Precap: Preeta asks Karan what he thought that she’s in love with him? He says he never said love. She knows he doesn’t have any girlfriend.. is that why she’s showing authority on him?

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