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Hon hadji mustaphar …..✍?

You may have freedom of speech but not freedom after your speech .
Ejura has fallen just like Techiman South, Asawase, Ablekuma and Ayawaso West Wuogon.

Ghana my motherland is eventually becoming a failed state.
As I watched the short video on the shooting incident in Ejura, I could not understand what was happening?
What sort of crowd control training do our police and military personnel have? Or is it a plot of display of religious bias mindset? and or a show of ‘bravado’? I cannot think far, I can’t think madness .

One cannot stop counting societal prejudicial atrocities against the youth of our zongos and the country at LARGE. This is begining to look more like predetermined killings of our Muslim youth since the owners of Ghana are ruling.

The Asawase killings are still fresh in the memories of the Muslim youth? What is it at all that professionalism and fairness cannot be deployed by those through whom our taxes are used to feed their families.
Allah is All Knowing, All Seeing and He is swift in punishment.

All those under whose watch this is happening should know that power and position is transient and that your end will soon come when no one will even mention your name.

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Sad day for Muslim youth and the youth in Ghana as a result of insecurity.
My condolence to the bereaved families of all the youth who died before and after the elections in the hands the state vigilantees.
I know finding justice now will be difficult because of the state actors but I can assure you, that no matter how long it will take, justice will be served.

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