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Hon Hadji Mustaphar…. ✍?
I am very sad as a Ghanaian for all my life I have never met or seen an old man above 70 years of age, loses his credibility, reputation and respect so fast.

I mean within jest 5 years of his rule as president no body now takes him serious.
Nana Akuffo Addo will Really go down in History as the worse Ghana.
cost of living within just 5 years of his presidency has gone up by more than 55 to 60 %.

Nana Addo has messed up our dear country.
Corruption is now rewarded with a Juicy and higher portfolio.
Water shortages every were in the country ?
The promise to abolished nuisances taxes have given birth to ??
??VAT Tax
??Talk Task
??Borla’ Tax
??Pollution Tax
??Additional NHiS Tax and many more.
Massive Galamsay by NPP leading members.

Stealing / Extortion of legal seized Excavators from citizens and sharing same to NPP party members!
Looting of state lands, funds /properties among them selves.

Diverting of covid 19 funds to individual accounts.

Granting permit to Chinese to totally damage our mining communities and water bodies through illegal mining and protecting them to leave the country without prosecution nor harassment but crucifying Ghanaian who are in legitimate mining and ceasing their equipments.

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Wicked gorvenment
Borrowed more than any gorvenment in the history of this nation.
A Tonnage of Iron Rod under the poor economy managers ;John Mahama / NDC was 2,800.00 cedis .
Now the price of same Iron Rod under the good economy mangers is 5500.00 cedis n still counting.

A bag of Cement under the previous poor Managers of the economy/NDC was sold for 24cedis ; today A bag of Cement under this gorvenment is 54gh.

Well! The total mess in the Education Sector is the biggest incompetence and big wound they inflicting on the next generation, a wound that will take years to heal .

Don’t be surprised, for it is the same people who fought Nkrumah for putting up the Tema Motorway and said he was wasting the nation Resources by building such a road .

Same people wrote to the American Government not to grant Nkrumah the loan he was seeking for to put up the Akomsombo Dam and argued that Ghana needed not such a Power Generating Build Up .

No wonder they tell us ya gi3 ye mai’
We have taken our country .

Ghana has sinked fast deeper which leaves alot of clean up works to be done by who ever succeeds after 2024 .

The price on gallon of petrol give Ghanaians no choice than to change the inscription on shell sign boards from S. H E. L. L TO H. E. L. L
Bawumia and Akuffo Addo told Ghanaians they will change Ghana in 18 months after they have assumed power.
Is the same people that said a dollar per Cedi then bring 2.80pesewas under NDC was too much and that he Akuffo Addo and Bawumia will within Six months in office arrest the dollar and a dollar per Cedi will be 1 Cedi?

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Our Educational system has become the joke of all times.
The insecurity is becoming norm of the day.
Intimidation of security and media personnel has also created the culture of silence.

Ghana is indeed the titanic ship of our time sinking fast by the heard and not even the passengers are allowed to talk or speak their minds.


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