NPP Polling Station Executives Petition CS For The Removal Of Kwabere East MCE

The New Patriotic Party (NPP)Polling Station executives of Kwabere East have petitioned the office of the Chief of Staff (CS) for the immediate removal of the Municipal Chief Executive( MCE), Hon. Osei Asibey Bonsu of the Kwabere East Municipal Assembly.
This petition which was submitted on 23rd January this year is a follow up or a reminder to subsequent one that was sent to the office of CS last year.
The petition:
“We write this letter to remind your good office on our petition for the removal of Nana Osei Asibey Bonsu from office as MCE of Kwabre East.
We recount that we initially wanted to embark on a demonstration on our grievances that are not met as delegates of the party. The constituency executives stopped our team from engaging in that act. Unfortunately after our petition was presented, we were told that the regional minister, Mr. Simon Osei Mensah is an interested stakeholder so the petitioners should wait for an official meeting.We have waited patiently but we have not heard anything…..”
What is the real problem?
The polling station executives claim, their MCE has a very bad human relations towards the party members and this has led to widespread complains in the constituency thereby negatively affecting the fortunes of the party.
“We remember in his first public statement at Mamponteng ark, at a gathering of chiefs, he indicated that he is not an MCE for any political party. This reached public knowledge and all party members who were there at that time.
The group has said, “Party members who visit his office come home with disappointment and anger. His bad human relation has equally affected the NASARA wing in the party and this is seriously creating disaffection for the party in the Zongos”.
The polling station executives claim again that the MCE has mostly disregarded party members in terms of assistance.They said he has refused to give assistance to them anytime they approach him.
“He has developed a blind eye to the party members in areas like recruitment into teaching, customs, fire service, immigration etc. Also, as delegates, we are not privy to all decisions taken by our MCE in relation to governance”.
They indicated that the MCE has invariably used his son to reisit them from discussing private matters with him( MCE)
“Even at meetings where delegates wish to discuss private matters with him in his office, Hon. Osei Asibey Bonsu allows his son to interfere in all the discussions”.
The group have narated again that opportunities like contracts that could include party delegates are given away to unknown persons. Subsequently Party members who toiled and supported the party financially have been relegated at the expense of unknown personalities who are reaping the benefits of the party.
However, the presence of the MCE would definitely hamper the victory of the NPP party in election 2020. And Kwabre East will not be fertile for election 2020 therefore we need to clear all encumbrances that may deny us such sweet victory.We are losing our patience because we are beginning to fear that, the constituency executives have intentionally delayed us so that the case will die prematurely”. Says the polling station executives.

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Meanwhile, can confidently predict that the executives would embark on a massive demonstration on the first week of February 2019 against Nana Addo and the NPP party top hierarchy if the MCE is not dismissed from office.
Kwabena Samed Vulganizer 0244957738
2.Jordan Owusu Agyei Ntiedu’s House 0208159615
3. Sani Muhammed Abachah Ntonso D/A JHS 0264229292
4. Nuamah Simon Kenyase D/A JHS 0242310238
5.Oppong Prince SafoPresby Primary 0559576425
6. Adu Isaac Assenua D/A Prim- A 0244838155
7. Baffour Kyei Lewis Tewobaabi funeral grounds 0541882919

Below is the Petition

Source: Joe Marfo/2019

kwabena Frimpong

kwabena Frimpong

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