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Kwabena Frimpong Schools NDC MP On Job Creation Statistics




A Member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and Youth Activist, Kwabena Frimpong has rebutted claims by the Wa West MP and former Police Officer, Peter Lanchene Toobu that the NPP has performed poorly in the area of job creation.

According to Mr Frimpong, the NPP in its first term created over a million jobs in all sectors and the health sector alone created over 120, 000 jobs for health professionals to be recruited.

He also noted that the NPP even cleared the backlog of persons especially teachers, nurses and doctors who were not posted or recruited after training because of an IMF conditionality placed on the NDC from 2013 to 2016 and the ban on employment under erstwhile NDC government.


“Under the Mahama led NDC government after training as a health professional one would have to apply to regional health directorate after they have advertised for limited employment opportunities but today under the NPP government after training everyone is posting to work. All backlog created by the NDC have been posted and working”


The NPP member said the NPP had employed over a hundred thousand teaching and non Staff into the Ghana education services including Graduates who are currently working at our various Senior High Schools.

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In the security agencies, Mr Frimpong said currently Over 11,000 people are been recruited into the security agencies and not forgetting some health personnel having been recruited to work in Barbados.

Arguing further, the youthful politician said Hon Toobu should find out from the various agencies people who had been recruited and re-assigned to work since 2017 until date.

These recruitments are aside from the 100, 000 people the Nation Builders Corp had given spaces to work and those the functioning IDIF have employed so far as well as the thousands the planting for food and jobs initiative under the Agric Ministry had employed, Mr Frimpong posited.

“One thing the MP should know is that the fact a lot of people turned up for recruitment screening like we are seeing now doesn’t mean they are all not Unemployed, some employed but wants a better one. We have other professionals who want to join the security agencies, so Mr MP check your facts before talking”


Backing his claims with statistics from the famous Statista.com, the NPP youthful member said the unemployment rate since the NPP assumed power had reduced drastically as compared under the 8(Eight) years of the NDC rule.

He noted but for 2020 where COVID-19 struck the world and Ghana, the rates had declined from 2017 to date.

In 2017, the unemployment rate dropped to 4.22% from 5.45% the country recorded in 2016 when NDC was in power which was their best in 8 years.

Subsequently, he noted that in 2018 the rate reduced to 4.16% with the country recording a decrease again in 2019 at 4.12%.

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However, the NDC under Prez Mahama in 2012 recorded a 5.99% unemployment rate and 6.27%, 6.53% and 6.81% from 2013 to 2015 respectively.

‘’From this statistic, it shows clearly that the NPP government has done better in terms of getting people recruited into job avenues and in the creation of jobs contrary to what the frustrated former Police Officer who is now MP is wanting to deceitfully paint to the public’’, Mr Frimpong slammed.




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