Kumkum Bhagya Episode 1010 Update on Wednesday 28th February 2018

The Episode starts with Abhi coming to kitchen to help Pragya, but he ends up fighting with her. Pragya also argue with him. Dadi sees them arguing and gets happy. Abhi tells dadi that he came to help her. Pragya says she don’t need his help and flour got smeared on her face. Dadi asks them to go and wash their faces and hopes that she is Pragya. Tanu sees Pragya and asks where is she going? Pragya tells her that Abhi came to kitchen when she was kneading the flour and then he applied it on her face, she also applied on his face.
 Tanu gets irritated and asks her to wash her face. Goon shows the tiny bomb to Simonika to be placed in the guitar. Simonika threatens him and says it can’t kill a man. Goon says this tiny bomb is dangerous and if Abhi plays the guitar and pulls the strings, then the
bomb will explode and everything die standing near him. Simonika thinks destiny supported him till now, but now it is in her hand, now Pragya, God or Destiny can’t save him, asks him to get ready for his last show.
Pragya is in room and wearing earrings. Abhi sees her smiling and thinks hasi means phasi. He steps on water and slips. Pragya asks him to be careful. Abhi tells her that the water fell down because of her modeling act after bath. Pragya says she headed straight towards dressing table. Abhi says you made it fall intentionally and asks her to prove him wrong. Pragya says I can prove and falls down herself. Allah wariyan plays as Abhi holds her and they strike RK Pose. He holds her closer and says you are mine as you fell in my lap. Pragya asks how can it be possible. Abhi talks romantic and is about to kiss her, when he sneezes repeatedly. Pragya gets concerned and makes him rest, goes to bring kada for him.
Simonika comes to Khan Chacha wearing burqa and asks him to give Abhi’s guitar. He says he is still working on it. Simonika asks him to fix the device in it. Khan Chacha asks what is it, he never saw such thing before and asks for what it is used. Simonika says it is a bomb and when it explodes, it silences others.
Khan Chacha refuses to plant bomb in guitar. Simonika offers him 6 lakhs rs. He refuses and says Pragya’s 500 Rs is enough for him. Simonika says don’t know why honest people are always ready to die. She holds his grand daughter’s neck and aims gun at her. Khan Chacha gets scared. Little girl asks her to leave her. Khan Chacha agrees to do. Simonika thinks Abhi will die at the hands of loved ones.
Pragya brings kada for Abhi. Abhi says this kada is bitter. Pragya says it is not bitter, but it is sweet as she has put honey in it. Abhi refuses to touch it. Pragya says I have surprise for you and ties his hand with a cloth. Abhi asks if she is going to show him magic. Pragya says right and tries to make him, drink kada forcibly. Abhi drinks it and says I love you in her ears. Pragya looks at her.

Disha asks Abhi to think about any mole mark on Pragya’s body. Abhi tries to recollect.

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