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Mr Abraham Kofi Asante (Administrator of Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications – GIFEC), was a former NDC Member of Parliament for Amenfi West Constituency from 1996 – 2003. He resigned from parliament in 2003 because of personal reasons. He was also the District Chief Executive for the area in 1992 – 1996.
The current constituency executives in Amenfi West constituency are poised to capture the seat for the NPP in the impending 2020 elections, however, Mr Abraham Kofi Asante is derailing the efforts of the executives by creating an amorphous structure.
Mr Kofi Asante has created a parallel executives working against the elected executives because he hopes to contest on the ticket of NPP in the area again.
On the 26th March 2003, Mr Abraham Kofi Asante resigned from Parliament based on his personal interest.
The parallel executive includes; Dorothy Ewusi (constituency women organiser), Patrick Ammo (a teacher), Martin Joseph Agyiri, Amoako Atta, Dzion Blay, Anthony Kofi Mesu, Lord Nana Tandoh (failed constituency chairman) and one Asaase. These guys are on daily basis derailing the efforts of the current executives and also creating confusion within the party.
Anytime the executives organise a programme for the constituency, Mr Kofi Asante and his team would create confusion. One incident happened at wassa dunkwa, where one of the polling station executives had a funeral and during the final funeral rite the constituency contributed money for the polling executive but Mr Kofi Asante called Mad Dorothy Ewusi and directed her to go to the polling station executive’s family house to collect his part of the contributions because his name was not mentioned during the presentation. This is the third time this is happening in the constituency .
Mr Kofi Asante does not associate himself with the NPP. Anytime GIFEC donates items, he presents it as his pocket money used to purchase the items and GIFEC is his private company.
The sad aspect of the issue is that, Mr Kofi Asante has threatened the Municipal Chief Executive (Mr George Agyiri) that he would report him to Mr Freddie Blay (National Chairman) to be removed from office. Due to this, the MCE is fixed between two opinions. The MCE has the fear of being sacked from office so inview of that he attributes any project in the Municipality to Mr Kofi Asante.
The current situation is weakening the party’s determination of winning the seat come 2020.
Mr Asante’s parochial interest is destroying the party in the constituency. Recently, the executive embarked on reconciliation process to rekindle and rejuvenate the party’s structures at the grassroots, during one of such event at Gunokrom a village in the constituency, Mr Kofi Asante sent his team led by Lord Nana Tandoh and Asaase to go and instigate the polling executives against the executives.
If Mr Kofi Asante is not stopped immediately, the party structures will collapse, and this paper has a reliable information that NDC has an audio of Mr Kofi Asante saying that he is not an indigene of Amenfi west and that his brothers brought him there. He said this on 27th match 2003 a day after his resignation. As a former MP for the area, he has no property in the constituency and now lives in a rented apartment in the constituency.

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The chiefs and opinion leaders in the Constituency have sworn that they will do everything humanly possible to make him lose if NPP elect him as their candidate because he resigned from parliament without consulting them and also disgracing the people of Amenfi west.


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