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Hon Hadji mustaphar_
The crime and corruption happening in Ghana today makes me sad.
If we don’t take care by the end of 2020, Ghana the milking cow would lose all its vitamins which will lead to ( *Korshiokor* ) iron deficiency.

The corruption happenings in Ghana today from the top to the bottom is unprecedented.

The doors of our country have been open wide to thieves and organise criminals to take advantage of us as a people all in the name of democracy.
Let’s put aside our political and tribal differences and speak to the issues of thievery and corruption confronting our beloved nation.

Generational theft , constant stealing by the very people we voted for them to protect the public purse.
And we still have people defending these thievery and corruption.
I feel hurt and disappointed as a Ghanaian.
The media today about 90% have been polarised and have become stooges to this political party.

The greed and hippocracy exhibited by individuals today in power is elephantine.
What we voted for is not what we are witnessing today.

The president in his inaugural speech ask us to be citizens and not spectators and he was right I own my country a duty to speak the truth and to be the voice of the voiceless.

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Procurement breaches all over the place mean while we have a minister in charge of procurement
As families and friends take over the helms of affairs of mother Ghana.

This country have virtually turn into a property of a group of people who are above the laws of the country .
Below are the list of families and friends serving in the government of the current administration
(1) hon Gloria Akufo # cousin to the president appointed as ( min of justice & Attorney general )

(2) Abena Busia # baby mama of the president appointed as (Ambassador to Brazil )
(3) Nana Asante Bediatuo # nephew of the president appointed as ( Executive secretary of the presidency)
(4) Virginia Hesse # baby mama of the president appointed as (Ambassador to czech republic )
(5) Hon Atta kyea # Nephew of President appointed as ( min of works & housing )
(6)Hon kwesi Amoako atta # cousin of president appointed as ( min of road & highways)
(7) Ingrid Nana Adjua Hackman # gabby wife appointed as (A member of GNPC )
(8) Gyankoma Akufo Addo # Daughter of the president appointed as ( The executive Director of creative arts council )
(9) Daniel Akufo # younger brother of the Attorney general appointed as ( DCE for shai Osudoku)

IMF, World Bank praises won’t win you 2020 polls – Ken Agyapong warns-Akufo Addo

(10)Shopia AB Akufo # cousin of president appointed as ( chief justice )
(11) Nana fredua ofori Atta # nephew of the president appointed as board chairman of the national theatre
(12) Alice Ofori Atta # cousin of the president appointed as (MD of TMA )
(13)Dr Edward kwarpong # nephew of the president appointed as ( CEO of the Fair wages and salary commission )
(14) Edward Bumpty Akufo Addo # president brother appointed as senior presidential Advisor
(15) Hon Ursula Owusu Ekuful # cousin of the president appointed as (min communication)
To be continue …………..

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Milking cow end of part 1

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