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Rebranding NPP for Election 2024: The Stephen Ayesu Ntim Factor


Every political party faces a continuing electoral drag if the symbolic value of its identity or brand- remains weighed down with past political baggage. In the 2020 general elections for instance, our party’s majority advantage in Parliament was drastically reduced, putting us in a bad shape legislatively. This, among other concerns , provide enough indication that our great party needs rebranding , and strong leadership direction at the national level.

It is of great importance to note that a strong continuing association with past political controversies generate electoral challenges that generally get reflected in diminishing election results. The controversies that characterized the party’s 2020 Parliament primaries put the party into a divided enclave where bridges were not built to forster unity among aggrieved aspirants and their supporters and in the end affected our party’s performance in the general elections.


It is time and the time is now to as matter of urgency rebrand the party in order to improve its public image, reputation, competitive positioning and emotional connection with the electorates. Confidence can be repose in Stephen Ntim to lead this rebranding agenda when giving the opportunity to serve as the party’s national chairman.

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For better or worse, the party’s dream of winning election 2024 to break the eight year ruling cycle calls for a strong political branding because a damaged brand cannot win elections, no matter how popular the policies of the party. When a political brand is damaged, political rebranding is in order.

“Uncle Stephen” can efficiently champion the rebranding efforts because he’s “tried and tested”. His humble demeanour is an asset which our party must jealously protect and use it in the most effective way.

We will continue to appeal until Uncle Stephen is given the nod to become the national Chairman of our party.He deserves this honour, and our party will benefit tremendously from his experience in many ways.

Vote for Stephen Ntim as national chairman of Npp. Vote for his great leadership qualities.

Long live Ghana
Long live Npp
Long live our Great Stephen Ntim.

Abeiku Cobbinah

Director Of Communications

Mpohor Constituency


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